Application procedure

Election procedure

A two-step procedure is used. First a Nomination Committee, comprised of representatives from EAACI, namely Vice-President Science, the Chair of the EAACI Science Committee and the Chair of the EAACI Research and Outreach Committee, summarizes the Research Grant applications into a top five list of applicants. Then a Scientific Committee, comprised of the Presidents of EAACI, AAAAI and WAO, meets once a year to select the winners out of these five nominees.

In alignment with industry compliance and grant regulations, and EAACI awards policy the winner will be required to provide an official letter with accompanying budget overview from their research institution detailing how the award money will be used for continuing the awardee`s specific research. In the final round of adjudication, the top five (5) nominees will be contacted by EAACI to request this official letter/information prior to the award winner being announced and research grant awarded..

Basis for election

The candidate’s accomplished and planned research should be of high quality and in the forefront. The planned research will contribute to a better understanding of allergic inflammation as well as improved diagnostic procedures and treatment, enabling more optimal patient management. The level of independency of the candiate’s research will also be taken into consideration.

Guidelines for Application/Nomination

You can either apply for yourself or nominate somebody with his/her consent regarding the nomination and submission of personal data as described below. The candidate should not yet be an established scientist (not a head of department or professor).

Your application / nomination must include the following personal details:

Full name
Date of birth
Full address
Present official title/profession/position

A motivational cover letter (half a page) why you / nominee should be a candidate for the Award.

Enclose a list of all the candidates publications, divided into originals and reviews.

Highlight and enclose 3–5 of his/her most important articles.

Add a description of the Research Project including estimated detailed budget.

The application needs to be endorsed by the Institution which will be the recipient of the Award payment.

Add Name, Contact and bank account details of Institution that will receive and administer the Award money.

The Award is granted under the condition that the Winner and his/her Institute/Hospital enters into a Research Grant Agreement with the supporting company based on a proofed study budget, that Winner reports about use of the Award funding and unused funding is returned or used for other approved Research Grants.

Applications are closed..
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