EAACI Allergy School on Aerobiology and Pollution - Slides Kits

The EAACI offers the Slide Kit Series, which are selected powerpoint presentations from leading speakers who have contributed to  prestigious EAACI events, such as the summer and winter allergy schools, meetings of the Sections and Interest Groups and many more.
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EAACI Allergy School on Aerobiology and Pollution
"The air that you breathe and allergies"
15 - 17 March 2018, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Allergies across the world (epidemiology of allergies)
Michael Perkin

The effect of viral infections on allergic disease
Tuomas Jartti

The effect of bacterial infections on allergic disease
Wojciech Feleszko

What you need to know of innate immunity for allergic diseases
Hermelijn Smits

What you need to know of adaptive immunity for allergic diseases
Caspar Ohnmacht

Diagnosis and treatment of allergic disease
Stephen Durham

School indoor air quality and allergic disease
Jeroen Buters

Workplace indoor air quality and allergic disease
Monika Raulf

Home indoor air quality and allergic disease
Isabella Annesi-Maesano

Genome, methylation and allergic disease
Maria Jenmalm

Cross talk with genes and environment
Klaus Bonnelykke

Jakob Stokholm

IT Solutions
Jose Oteros

Branko Sikoparija

Pollution and allergic disease
Isabella Annesi-Maesano

Pollen release more than allergens
Jeroen Buters

Michel Thibaudon

Intralymphatic vs conventional immunotherapy
Varpu Elenius

Immunomodulation beyond pro-/prebiotics
Hermelijn Smits

Scandinavian allergy prevention programme
Tuomas Jartti

Automation in pollen detection
Jose Oteros

Pollen and climate change
Mikhail Sofiev

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