`Flourishing with Food Allergies`

Flourishing with Food Allergies, recently received over twenty first-rate reviews from book reviewers, food allergy leaders and parents. It is named as a highlighted title for superior levels of creativity, originality, and high standards of design by Jenkins Group. The book covers topics including food allergy impacts on autism, ADHD and asthma as well as food allergy research, the use of probiotics and examples for school and social event planning.

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Flourishing is a compilation of twenty-two interviews of mothers, fathers, pediatricians, allergists, naturopaths, clinical psychologists and grammar school teachers. Written in a non-clinical and supportive tone readers identify with food allergy symptoms, emotional challenges and successful solutions. Flourishing contains research on the latest studies and findings throughout the world and provides 163 endnotes for additional research. The book is being used as a tool by food allergy support groups and leaders in the world of food allergies.

Source: PRWEB, USA
Last updated 29 May 2015