In order to stimulate the exchange of scientific and educational information regarding the specialty amongst the medical community, EAACI operates a programme speaker support to national society and regional meetings in Europe, and at annual meetings of non-member societies outside Europe. This activity is organised and coordinated within the frame of the educational activities of EAACI.    
Any EAACI National Member Society or Affiliate Society can apply to the Committee for a speaker support grant. Applications may also be made for speaker support for Regional Meetings.

The number of trained paediatric allergists, as well as of allergists with a background in adult medicine is not sufficient to provide good care to all children suffering from allergies. Therefore, EAACI has launched a campaign mostly aimed at primary care physicians to improve awareness of early allergy diagnosis.
The EAACI section on paediatrics wants to improve continuous education of primary care physicians by various means. The section has decided to go local and to organize one-day symposia aimed to primary care physicians (general practitioner, paediatricians)

Applications should ideally be received by EAACI headquarters early September of the year before the calendar year in which the proposed meeting will take place.
Last updated 20 November 2018