JM Assembly

Board 2019-2022

  Carmen Riggioni         
Section Chair
Carmen Riggioni

Section Secretary
Pasquale Comberiati

Past Chair
Ibon Eguiluz-Gracia

Basic & Clinical Immunology 

Daniela Carvalho

ENT Section
Aspasia Karavelia 

Allied Health & Primary Care
Farah Hannachi                                    

Cristina Boccabella                    

Burcin Beken

Allergen Immunotherapy IG
Mattia Giovannini                             

Food Allergy IG
Beatriz Moya 

Drug Allergy IG
Alessandra Arcolaci

Environmental & Occupational allergy IG
Magna Correia

Allergy Diagnosis & Systems Medicine IG
Leticia De las Vecillas Sanchez


EAACI Journals Collaborations

The aim of the project is the dissemination of Allergy, CTA and PAI papers, especially through Social Medial (SoMe) channels (Twitter; Facebook; LinkedIn) to increase their visibility among JMs. The most interesting and recent pieces are selected as JM must read articles every month.ful sharing of knowledge between young and senior clinicians and scientists, outlining a practical overview regarding this ongoing pandemic.

JM must read articles from Allergy: find them here.

JM must read articles from PAI: find them here.

JM must read articles from CTA: the articles will be availale shortly.



JM Compendium Answering 150 questions on SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19

JMA has created a compendium answering 150 questions on SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 in collaboration with an international panel of experts in the allergy and immunology field. It represents a fruitful sharing of knowledge between young and senior clinicians and scientists, outlining a practical overview regarding this ongoing pandemic.

For more information, access the full article published in the Allergy journal:

Anyone is welcome to join this initiative, asking additional questions on the topic.

Please send us an email at We will be glad to receive your feedback!!!


JM News Corner

The JM News Corner in the Allergy webpage is is a platform where relevant items of news are periodically posted, mainly related to JMs’ achievements, projects and publications.

We would like to know more about allergy centres all around the world. Please send us a short issue about your clinical and research activities with the description of your workplace (maximum 200 words) and 2-3 high-resolution images of the place, yourself, and your team. We will be glad to share your experience with all the JMs’ community.

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Contact us at

Click here to keep up to date with the latest news!


JM Quizz

Participate in the EAACI Junior Member Quiz to have an opportunity to win a free registration for the EAACI Annual Congress 2021.

Each year the JMA board launches a quiz on the EAACI website, which will be posted each month from January to April, in order to test Juniors Member´s scientific knowledge and EAACI- related information. Each quiz consists of 5 single or multiple-choice questions.

Every month, a quiz winner will be selected, with the exception of the April quiz, where two lucky winners will be awarded!

Click below to access the Quiz:


Groundbreaking Discoveries in Immunology

This is a new section of Allergy in which brief summaries of the most innovative and relevant articles, published in Top-tier journals, are collected. The section is monthly updated. Find it on the Allergy website.


Educational initiatives

Build your professional career into the Allergology field!

  • Allergy College

EAACI is doing a tremendous effort to promote education on Allergology among students and fellows around Europe.

The Allergy College program gives to undergraduate students the possibility to collaborate with Mentors, selected for their prominent expertise. All the mentor-student pairs will be invited to submit an abstract on a specific subject, case report or other relevant content in this field. The best abstracts will be selected, and their corresponding students will be invited to the Annual Congress.

For further information, please send an email at

  • Mentorship Program

One important EAACI strategic goal is to help  JMs in taking their first steps as allergy and immunology specialists.

Giving this, the Mentorship program promotes research training opportunities and encourages JMs in submitting a proposal for a manuscript, in collaboration with experienced Mentors. The best manuscripts will be proposed as a possible publication to the Editors of PAI and CTA. Furthermore, the JM Assembly will support the successful pairs, through collection of scientific contributions for the EAACI Journal or newsletter.

For further information, email us at

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