Basic & Clinical Immunology Section

Board 2019 - 2021                        

Eva Untersmayr-Elsenhuber      

Milena Sokolowska       

Past Chair 2017-2019
Jürgen Schwarze

Board Members
Stefanie Eyerich
Cristina Gomez-Casado
Oscar Palomares
Jozef Janda       
Inge Kortekaas Krohn    

JM Representative
Rodrigo Jiménez-Saiz


  Interview with Jürgen Schwarze, Edinburgh University
June 2019

Jürgen Schwarze explains how and which viral infections
increase the risk of developing allergic diseases.

“Severe respiratory viral infections, in early-life (…), convey a
much higher risk of developing asthma.”


Last updated 26 June 2019

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The immune system is able to distinguish self from non-self and dangerous from harmless. Allergic diseases represent the most notable failure in this system. The understanding, the research, diagnosis and management of allergies are therefore always related to immunology. Biologicals are becoming available that can selectively correct overshooting immune reactions. At the same time the costs of treatments increase and personalized approaches along with a sophisticated biomarker diagnosis are required to focus expenses to those patients who are most likely to benefit from it.