Picture: Heather Bax, Giulia Pellizzari, Erika Jensen-Jarolim, Sophia Karagiannis, Debrah Josephs and Judit Fazekas

Congratulations to our AllergoOncology Task Force  members who were winners of EAACI 2015 Abstract/Oral Poster presentation under the following categories:

Judit Fazekas, Medical University Vienna, Austria

TPS 46 Molecular methods and their epidemiological applications in allergology 

Abstract 138: Radiolabeling and in vitro evaluation of a recombinant canine anti-cancer IgG 

Debra Josephs, King's College London, UK

PDS 16 Novel immune mechanisms 

Abstract 420: Production of recombinant rat monoclonal antibodies and design of a biologically-relevant model for the preclinical evaluation of IgE antibodies for cancer therapy 

Heather Bax, King's College London, UK

TPS 22 Mechanisms of autoimmunity and cancer 

Abstract 999: Monocyte activation and recruitment by IgE therapy against cancer 
Last updated 18 September 2015

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The immune system is able to distinguish self from non-self and dangerous from harmless. Allergic diseases represent the most notable failure in this system. The understanding, the research, diagnosis and management of allergies are therefore always related to immunology. Biologicals are becoming available that can selectively correct overshooting immune reactions. At the same time the costs of treatments increase and personalized approaches along with a sophisticated biomarker diagnosis are required to focus expenses to those patients who are most likely to benefit from it.