ENT Section

Board 2019 - 2021                        

Ludger Klimek

Sanna Toppila-Salmi

Past Chair 2017-2019
Philippe Gevaert

Board Members
Cemal Cingi
Valerie Hox
Carmen Milagros Rondon
Peter Tomazic

JM Representative
Aspasia Karavelia

Interview with Philippe Gevaert, Ghent University
June 2019

Philippe Gevaert talks about the importance of interaction between ENT specialists and
immunotherapy and biologics specialists, and highlights the importance of understanding 
who to treat with these medications

“It is crucial to take a good product for the right patient and to tailor it for the patient itself.
Precision medicine (…) is about combining the needs of the patient“

Last updated 26 June 2019