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  • Reflections on the International Course in Advanced Sinus Surgery Techniques

    by Peter W. Hellings, JMA Representative ENT Section

    In the beginning of April, the Advanced Sinus Surgery Course took place in the Academic Medical Center (AMC), Amsterdam, The Netherlands, organized by Prof. Wytske Fokkens, present head of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology at the AMC and chairman of the ENT Section of the EAACI.

    This two-day course aimed at extending both the theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills of ENT surgeons beyond the boundaries of the sinonasal cavity. This first course was attended by 55 participants from 10 different countries. The teacher of honour was Professor Valerie Lund, London, U.K., authority in the field of sinus surgery and well-known for her contribution to sinonasal tumor surgery. The lectures by the board of teachers covered a wide range of topics, from image-guided surgical navigation and powered instrumentation, to mucocoeles, hypophysectomy, frontal sinus surgery, endonasal dacryocystorhinostomy, orbital decompression, sinonasal tumor surgery and handling of complications after sinus surgery.

    During the course, participants were allowed to actively train their operative skills in endoscopic sinus surgery on cadaver heads. The facilities made available for each of the participants were high-standard, including whole skulls, CT scans of the skulls, own monitors and powered instruments (cfr. pictures). The dissection manual was especially designed for the course and guided the participants step-by-step through the different sinus surgery techniques with emphasis on helpful tips and highlighting pitfalls of sinus surgery.
    As an ENT surgeon, I recommend this course to ENT surgeons with special interest in sinus surgery as most participants rated the quality of the course from very good to excellent. The next course will be held in April 2005.

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    Pic 1: Overview of training facility in the dissection room.
    Pic 2: Professor Wytske Fokkens in discussion during the sinus surgery training session.

    Last updated: 20 July 2009
  • SERIN 2006 Barcelona

    Minutes Meeting of the ENT Section of the EAACI Held at the Hotel Fira Palace Barcelona 9th February 2006 Present: Joaquim Mullol (Chairman) Glenis K Scadding (Secretary) Kees van Drunen Livije Kalogjera Wytske Fokkens Peter Hellings 1) The 100+ posters submitted for the EAACI meeting has been reviewed, graded and an oral session proposed for the meeting. 2) Glenis Scadding is to attend the Scientific Programme Committee meeting of EAACI in Vienna on the 24/25th February. 3) Schering Plough have submitted a proposed congestion screen for rhinitis patients. This is to be circulated to all members of the committee who will then send in their thoughts. 4) The EP3OS document – Wytske Fokkens is to provide a pocket guide which will be presented at a new meeting towards the end of 2006. 5) The 7th SERIN meeting will be held in November 2009 in Croatia probably in Dubrovnik, organised by Livije Kalogjera. One day may be jointly held with the asthma section of EAACI. 6) Committee members were asked to present the awards for the best presentations at SERIN at the ceremony on the 10th February 2006. 7) The role of our Section in the European Academy of Otorhinolaryngology was discussed. Livije Kalogjera had attended a meeting in Rome. It was felt that it is important for us to take part in order to have a say in guideline courses etc. Joaquim Mullol is to circulate relevant documents for our consideration. 8) Joaquim Mullol proposed a Task Force on the tools/ methods used in the investigation of rhinitis and rhinosinusitis. He will circulate a proposal. 9) Glenis Scadding proposed a vote of thanks to Joaquim Mullol for his excellent organisation of the 6th SERIN meeting. The meeting was then closed.
    Last updated: 10 May 2006
  • Rhinosinusitis and Nasal Polyps

    Rhinosinusitis and Nasal Polyps
    Last updated: 20 July 2009
  • 6th SERIN Symposium: The Abstracts!

    741The Abstracts of the SERIN 2006 Meeting are now available.

    The EAACI ENT Section Board and GA2LEN organised the 6th Symposium on Experimental Rhinology and Immunology of the Nose (SERIN) from 9th to 11th February 2006, in Barcelona, Spain. The objective of the meeting was to gather together "people working in the rhinology field, from young researchers to experienced leaders, and to let them discuss the new findings and future scopes of the field in a free and open atmosphere" (J. Mullol).

    For more information click at the website
    Last updated: 20 July 2009
  • Rhinosinusitis Position Paper

    Rhinosinusitis Position Paper
    Last updated: 20 July 2009
  • ENT section Membership application

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