Minutes of the Business Meeting of the ENT Section of the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology held in Gothenburg, Sweden Sunday June 10th 2007 17.15 to 18.15 in the Scandic Opalen Hotel, Room Vinga. 33 members of the section attended the meeting. Joaquim Mullol, Chair of the section welcomed the attendees. 1. Apologies for absence were received from Claus Bachert. 2. The Minutes of the last business meeting held in Vienna 12/06/2006 were approved. 3. Joaquim Mullol gave a report of the Chair. He explained that membership of the ENT section was rising steadily from 221 in Amsterdam to 302 in Gothenburg. Some 49 countries were represented and Belgium, Turkey, Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands and Spain have between 15 and 30 members each. The ENT section is still just the smallest section of EAACI but is rapidly catching up on Dermatology. At the present EAACI meeting the ENT section was responsible for the following meetings/courses. • Postgraduate course 2. Saturday 9th (9:00-16:30), Room G2 Diagnostic tools and methods in Rhinology • The main symposium 6. Sunday 10th (13:30-15:00), Room F4 + F5 Non-allergic rhinitis • GAZLEN Symposium Sunday 10th (15:30-17:00), Room E1 + E2 GAZLEN fills the gap: rhinitis and asthma • Workshop 10 Monday 11th (10:30-12:00), Room G3 Novel Endpoints in Rhinitis Trials • Hot Topic 4 Tuesday 12th (15:30-17:15), Room G4 Controversial Issues in Rhinosinusitis & Nasal Polyps • Symposium 25 – Controversies Wednesday 13th (8:00-10:00), Room G3 Novel and Controversial Issues in Rhinology All these were well attended and well received. In the forthcoming EAACI meeting in Barcelona 2008 symposium MS1, MS2, MS3 have been proposed. • Symposium MS1 Nose and Ear • Symposium MS2 New Therapeutic Approaches to Nasal Polyps • Symposium MS3 Phenotyping CRS Future meetings will be held as follows: EAACI 2008 Barcelona SERIN 2008 Dubrovnik EAACI 2009 Warsaw EAACI 2010 London EAACI 2011 Istanbul Other 2006/2007 activities have included GA2LEN activities, dissemination campaign: AR leads to asthma published in Rhinology 2007, Workpackage 2.7.2 (Rhinosinusitis and Nasal Polyps), Workpackage HANNA on aspirin hypersensitivity with a publication on Diagnosis of Aspirin hypersensitivity in Allergy E-published in May 2007. There is also a 2007 ARIA update with guidelines published as an Allergy supplement and an ARIA pocket guide. An update of EP³OS has also been made by a committee involving members of the ENT section. This will be published in the June issue of Rhinology as a supplement and with a review in Allergy. The section are grateful to an unrestricted grant from Schering Plough of 130,000 Euros to enable this activity. The ENT section also held a meeting at the European Rhinologic Society in Tampere, Finland June 2006. Further meetings include: European Federation of ORL Societies (EUFOS) Vienna, Austria June 2007-06-20 Greek ENT Society (Rhinology) Kalyni, Greece October 2007 International Rhinologic Society (IRS) Venice, Italy December 2007 European Rhinologic Society (ERS-ISIAN) Crete, Greece June 2008 It was noted that the ENT Section is one of the co- founders of the European Otorhinolaryngology Academy. Members of the section are warmly invited to attend the 7th Symposium on Experimental Rhinology and Immunology of the Nose (SERIN) which is being organised by Livije Kalogjera for November 2008 in Dubrovnik (Croatia). Carlos Nunes reminded everyone about the ENT section website for which he is responsible. The present composition of the board from 2005-2007 was: The meeting was asked to vote on the following: Chairperson – Glenis Scadding Secretary - Livije Kalogjera Members at large – 4 to be selected from Claus Bachert, Peter Hellings, Gianni Passalacqua, Kees Van Drunen, Carlos Nunes. The junior member is Michael Rudenko. The election of Glenis Scadding and Livije Kalogjera was confirmed and Peter Hellings, Claus Bachert, Kees Van Drunen and Carlos Nunes were elected as members at large. Carlos Nunes volunteered to continue to look after the ENT website. The Section Board for 2007-9 is as follows Requests from the audience included those for ENT section help with the development of an allergic approach to ENT in various countries including Turkey and South Africa. The need for lectures on otitis media with effusion was emphasised and Professor Mullol replied that this was being considered for Barcelona in 2008. Glenis Scadding proposed a vote of thanks to Joaquim Mullol for his excellent work on behalf of the ENT section and particularly for the support which he had given to her in her capacity as secretary of the ENT section. Joaquim Mullol thanked everyone for attending this meeting and welcomed us to the next one which will be held in Barcelona in 2008.

Last updated 14 July 2009
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