Dermatology Section

 Board 2019 - 2021


Charlotte Mortz

Barbara Ballmer-Weber

Past Chair 2017-2019
Knut Brockow

Board Members
Maria Bova
Jose Luis Garcia-Abujeta
Margarida Goncalo
Elena Petkova

JM Representative   
Daniela Carvalho

Interview with Charlotte Mortz, Odense Hospital University, 

and Knut Brockow, Munich Technical University
June 2019

Charlotte Mortz and Knut Brockow discuss the importance and prevalence of skin allergy.

“Between 20-30% of the population has had skin allergy at some point in their lives (…)
A disease like atopic dermatitis affects 20% of all children at some point in their childhood”

  Interview with Peter Schmid-Grendelmeier, University of Zürich
June 2019

Peter Schmid-Grendelmeier discusses the biggest challenges in allergic
skin diseases and highlights European priorities in the field.

““In the field of allergic skin diseases (there is) an increase of atopic dermatitis,
which is a global problem, (…) an a rapid increase in some contact allergens that cause contact dermatitis”


Last updated 26 June 2019