Present: 44 members
1. Introductory lecture by An Goosens: Corticosteroid Allergy
2. Report “Year in Review” by past chair Antii Lauerma
 Currently 478 members
 Outgoing Board: Grattan (chair), Lauerma (secretary), Raap, Ferrer, Worm, Spiewak, Weidinger, Hovhannisyan (JMA)an effect on Ps risk
 New board: Bindslev-Jensen (chair), Weidinger (secretary), Worm, Spiewak, White, Gimenez-Arnau, Darlenski (JMA)
 Review on 2012 congress: 4 symposia, 2 workshops, 2 Meet-the-Experts, 1 Pro&Con
 Other meetings 2012/2013: SAM Berlin, Skin Allergy Club
 Currently 4 task forces: Allergic contact dermatitis in children; Hereditary angioedema; Mastocytosis 1; Mastocytosis 2
 Future activities already planned: ESPD Summer School Rotterdam 2012, Summer Allergy School Erlangen 2012, Winter Allergy School 2013, SAM Krakow 2014
 Report “Year in Review” by past chair Antii Lauerma
3. Introduction new chair and secretary
 Carsten Bindslev-Jensen thanks the outgoing chair and secretary for their tremendous work as well as the outgoing board, and presents the new board (see above, all present except for Jonathan White/apologies)
 Radoslaw Spiewak states that there is a need to work out thoughts of the section about the status of allergen patch and prick test preparations Clinical Trials Directive 2001/20/EC. It is agreed that a questionnaire will be sent out to all section members and the results will be evaluated on the board level before a decision is made on if and how to act
 Thorsten Zuberbier gives a short overview on the status of the new urticarial guidelines to be published soon
 Stephan Weidinger asks all members to check if they are listed in the dermatology section membership registry, since there appears to be some confusion. Carsten Bindslev-Jensen will suggest the EAACI to ask members to sign up for sections and IGs during the renewal of their membership
 Carsten Bindslev-Jensen reports about the status of the scientific programme for the 2013 congress in Copenhagen. There is still a chance to make proposals for some additional speakers/topics, in particular for Meet-the-Expert and Pro&Con sessions. He asks the section members to send proposals to him or Stephan Weidinger
4. Any other business: nil
Last updated 12 December 2014
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