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Asthma Section

  • Asthma Section Strategy 2011-2016


    EAACI is the leader in asthma in 2016
    To achieve and maintain an international leadership position in the field of asthma, the Asthma Section of the EAACI, in collaboration with other Sections, is currently carrying out and planning the following:


    • February 2011 Asthma endotypes paper published in JACI (Task Force document)
    • November 2011 Summit on Asthma Severity and Exacerbations: develop position EAACI statement on severity and exacerbations (Meeting)
    • Autumn 2011 Support PAAM; PAAM abstracts published (Meeting)
    • Winter 2011 PRACTALL Biologicals published (Task Force document)


    • Summer 2012 Severity statement published (Task Force document)
    • Summer 2012 Summer school: Asthma exacerbations: Risk factors and management (Meeting)
    • Pediatric PRACTALL asthma guideline (Guideline or consensus statement)
    • Fungal allergy in asthma (Task Force document)
    • Allergy and asthma severity (Task Force document)
    • Autumn 2012 Focused meeting on asthma exacerbation & asthma severity, to be organized with the IPCRG (International Meeting on Severe Asthma)


    • Treatment guidelines for adult asthma endotypes (Guideline or consensus statement)
    • Comorbid conditions in severe asthma (Task Force document)
    • Smoking and COPD in allergic respiratory disease (Task Force document)
    • Global issues in asthma and asthma endotypes (Task Force document)
    • Autumn 2013 Support PAAM Athens (Meeting)


    • Educational e-book on asthma in children, adolescents, and
    • Autumn 2014 Focused meeting on asthma exacerbation and asthma severity (Meeting)
    • Outcome measures in severe asthma clinical studies (Task Force document)
    • Follow up endotype PRACTALL (Task Force document)


    • Follow up guidelines pediatric asthma (Guideline or consensus statement)
    • The influence of asthma on anaphylaxis (Task Force document)
    • Autumn 2015 Support PAAM (Meeting)
    • New Task Force on asthma (Task Force document)


    • Two new Task Forces on asthma (Task Force document)
    • Follow up guidelines adult asthma endotypes (Guideline or consensus statement)
    • Autumn 2016 Focused meeting on asthma exacerbation and asthma severity (Meeting)


    EAACI is THE leader in asthma!


    Last updated: 12 October 2018