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Basic and Clinical Immunology





Allied Health
& Primary Care

JM Assembly
Working Groups


Allergy, Asthma
& Sports
Allied Health 

Primary Care 


Food Allergy

Drug Allergy

Allergen Immunotherapy

Environmental & Occupational Allergy

Allergy Diagnosis
& Systems Medicine
Eosinophilic Esophagitis

Insect Venom Hypersensitivity

Aerobiology and Pollution
Genomic and Proteomics

Comparative Veterinary Allergology

Diseases mediated by allergic and immunological mechanisms can affect many different organs and may present problems to a wide variety of physicians in primary and secondary care. In order to improve information exchange and collaboration between specialists and scientists both within and outside EAACI.

EAACI Sections
The academy has established the EAACI Sections on Basic & Clinical Immunology, Asthma, Pediatric, Dermatology and ENT. The sections are represented in the Executive Committee by their chairs and have the opportunity to propose task forces as well as joint sessions with appropriate specialised societies. Every 2 years, new board members, chair and secretary and ExCom members are elected.

EAACI Interest Groups
The EAACI Interest Groups represent an area of more specific interest within allergology. Additionally, Interest Groups provide a focus for scientists and clinicians interested in particular aspects of allergic diseases. The Interest Group forms a focus for discussion at EAACI scientific meetings, provides input to the scientific programme, and can make proposals for the task forces. Every 2 years, new board members, chair and secretary and ExCom members will be elected. 

EAACI Working Groups
The EAACI Working Groups are established as part of the Interest Groups or Sections. Each chair of the Working Group sits automatically as an additional board member in their respective Interest Group or Section board. The EAACI Working Groups represent relevant and growing scientific areas for the academy and have a clear link or common interest to their Interest Group or Sections.

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