JM Assembly

  • JM Activities

    JMs are actively involved in a series of activities including Section Activities, Allergy Schools, as well as Business Meetings. JMs operate their own schedule and programme at all EAACI Congresses, which apart from scientific meetings involve several social activities that help Junior Members of the Academy get to know each other better in a more relaxed environment.

    During the last years, EAACI has developed specific activities and promotions to support and to increase the influence of the younger members. Many travel grants are available for JMs to attend the EAACI Annual Congresses and several JM activities are arranged:

    • JM Poster Session, which is an informal session aimed to promote the work of JMs and to facilitate contacts between EAACI members. Outstanding poster presentations are awarded poster prizes.
    • JM Scientific Symposium which is a main session on a hot topic, chaired and organised by JMs.
    • JM educational session were practical topics such as how to write a paper, how to give a presentation... are covered.
    • JM Case reports session were selected clinical cases are presented by JMs. Outstanding case presentations are awarded case report prizes.
    • Practical courses which are co-chaired by one Senior EAACI member and one JM and address practical themes of great interest to JMs.
    • JM Business Meeting where JMs meet and discuss present and future.
    Last updated: 04 December 2015
  • JM-PAI collaboration

    Since June 2011, the JM Working Group has worked closely with the Editorial Office of Pediatric Allergy and Immunology (PAI) journal to increase the visibility of studies published in PAI, and to develop related educational activities within the JMs community. PAI is one of the top journals in the field of pediatric allergy and clinical immunology and one of the 3 major publishing organs of EAACI. Thus, we are very pleased to continue this fruitful JM-PAI collaboration for the next term 2017-2019, with a new JM working group.

    Since February 2016, all recently published articles in PAI and JM-relevant information about these publications are promoted via the social media channels of the EAACI HQ (Twitter @EAACI_HQ and Facebook) flagged with the hashtag #PAI_Journal.

    Please visit and like the EAACI Facebook account and follow the EAACI Twitter account to stay updated with posts and tweets on recent and highly accessed articles. Moreover, the JM-PAI collaboration team monthly selects the paper that is most relevant to residents and fellows in training for its educational content. This JM must-read article is going to be flagged with the EAACI_JM logo in both the printed and the online version of the journal.

    Another key point will be to continue the conduction of webcasted interviews with the leading author of recently published PAI articles.These interviews are directly conducted by the JM Working Group during an EAACI event and focus on the main outcomes of the published articles. The initiative aims to promote PAI articles, and represents an opportunity for all JMs to “virtually” meet senior authors and learn about their personal view on their respective research work.

    So far, 5 webcasted interviews with renowned experts in the field have been performed by EAACI JMs. Each video record is distributed on the EAACI Website, YouTube channel and the Journal’s webpage.

    Want to get more involved? Let us know!

    Feel free to express your ideas, suggestions and comments to further improve an effective communication between the PAI journal and the JMs community by contacting us at

    Please keep visiting the EAACI JM webpages, the journal's website and follow the PAI related social media activities (hashtag #PAI_Journal on EAACI Facebook and Twitter) to stay updated on the initiatives of the JM-PAI collaboration team!

    With our best regards,
    The JM-PAI Collaboration Team

    Pasquale Comberiati, Florentina Sava and Simona Barni, Ibon Eguiluz Gracia, Alberto Alvarez-Perea, Olympia Tsilochristou (JM)
    Ulrich Wahn, Paolo Matricardi, Doris Kollmann, Eissa Hakimeh (PAI)
    Last updated: 21 February 2018
  • JM-Allergy collaboration

    Since 2015 there is a valuable collaboration between the EAACI Junior Members and the journal Allergy (also known as “European Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology”). 
    Being one of the top journals in the fields of allergy and clinical immunology and the major publishing organ of EAACI, it is one of the major aims of this collaboration to further increase the visibility of research published in Allergy. The main tools to achieve this aim include the distribution of the content published in Allergy via the EAACI and the JM-dedicated communication channels. 

    Starting April 2016, articles recently published in Allergy are announced and posted on EAACI Twitter (@EAACI_HQ) and Facebook channels each Sunday and Wednesday tagged with the hasthag #Allergy_Journal. Starting from October 2016 onwards, the JM-Allergy collaboration team monthly selects the paper that is most relevant to fellows in training for its educational content. The JM must-read articles are highlighted with the EAACI_JM logo in both the printed and the online version of the journal.

    Another important and – as we hope – informative initiative is the conduction of webcasted interviews with main authors of Allergy-published articles. These interviews are intended to represent an opportunity for the interested clinician or researcher to learn about the personal view of the author on the respective research topic and to virtually “meet the author”.  Since November 2015, 8 video interviews with renowned experts in the field have been performed by EAACI JMs and published on the EAACI webpage and YouTube channel. 

    Exciting ideas? Let us know!
    We invite you to contribute with your ideas, suggestions and comments in order to establish and further improve this collaboration by contacting us. We hope that you will consider this initiative timely and interesting and that you will keep visiting the EAACI JM and Allergy websites and follow the EAACI social media accounts to stay up-to-date (hashtag #Allergy_Journal on twitter and facebook) with new developments and exciting research in the field of allergy! 

    Best wishes, 

    The JM-Allergy Collaboration Team

    Susanne Vijverberg, Simona Barni, Thulja Trikamjee, Cristina Quecchia, Ibon Eguiluz Gracia, Alberto Alvarez-Perea, Olympia Tsilochristou (JM)
    Hans-Uwe Simon (Allergy)

    Last updated: 21 February 2018
  • JM-CTA collaboration

    The JM board is delighted to continue its collaboration with the Clinical and Translational Allergy (CTA) journal ( for the upcoming 2017-2019 term. The new JM-CTA Collaboration team consists of Carmen Riggioni (JM CTA collaboration coordinator), Claudia Bussolino, (CTA Facebook activities), Alessandra Arcolaci (CTA Twitter activities), Alberto Alvarez-Perea (JM secretary), Ibon Eguiluz-Gracia (JM Chair) and Olympia Tsilochristou (JM Chair past chair and current EAACI social media coordinator).
    CTA is the freshest of the EAACI journals, offering distinctive characteristics. Open-access and an exclusively web-based presence, are both highly appealing to JMs worldwide, adding value to the JM-CTA relationship. JMs have worked closely with the Editorial Office of CTA to develop new initiatives for promotion of the journal and its educational activities for a younger audience.

    CTA eagerly receives contributions of EAACI JMs, including clinical research, basic science original research and a wide range of reviews. In past years, the collaboration introduced a call for “Hot topic Reviews” written by JMs alongside prominent seniors allowing young researchers and clinicians to gain international visibility.

    An important part of the collaboration is the monthly "JM Must read articles" which is selected by the JM-CTA team as the paper that is most relevant to fellows in training for its educational content, they are highlighted with the EAACI_JM logo in the online version of the journal.
    The promotion of CTA journal in social media channels has increased its online posts and their impact. Be the first to know when a new article is published by following the hashtag #CTA_Journal. Have quick and free access via EAACI Twitter and Facebook links, to stay updated on the latest news on the allergy field. Come and follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

    There are new and existing initiatives for the upcoming term. At the beginning of 2017, a call for reviewers was successfully launched with the help of the JM team. Also, EAACI is offering JMs, ten 50% discounts for processing charge on selected manuscripts published in CTA this year. Therefore, consider CTA for your original research and state-of-the-art reviews on topics of importance for clinicians and academics and remember that CTA open access policy can increase the impact of your paper.

    CTA continues to gain presence as a reference journal for clinicians and scientists in the allergy field. We are thrilled to contribute with the ongoing success of CTA journal and congratulate the editors and CTA team for recently achieving an impact factor of 3.239. We strongly encourage all JMs to take an active role in following, reading and publishing in this forthcoming open access journal.

    Best regards,
    The JM-CTA Collaboration Team
    Carmen Riggioni, Claudia Bussolino, Alessandra Arcolaci, Ibon Eguiluz-Gracia, Alberto Alvarez-Perea Alberto, Olympia Tsilochristou, (JM), Clive Grattan, Jean Bousquet and Holly Young (CTA)
    Last updated: 07 December 2018
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