2019 Election Procedure

Sections, Interest Groups and Working Groups Elections 2019

Sections, Interest Groups and Working Groups are at the heart of all EAACI activities and therefore of the utmost importance for our organisation. If you are a member of the above, you have the unique opportunity to influence the future of the Academy by voting in the 2019 elections.

Vote for your Section, Interest Group or working Group board members and make a difference!

Voting will take place online from 25 March to 05 April 2019 using the link www.eaaci.org/elections

eaaci vote here C 

All active EAACI members have the right to vote for the Section, Interest Group(s) and Working Group(s) that they are members of. Please note that only Junior Members are eligible to vote for the JM Assembly board positions.

In order to vote, please ensure that your membership profile is up to date and the fee for 2019 has been paid before logging into the voting platform. Your eligibility to vote is based on Section, Interest Group and/or Working Group selections that you have made on your EAACI Membership profile.


IMPORTANT NOTE: it is only possible to vote once. Once submitted, your choices cannot be edited

  • Log in to the online voting system with your membership number and password
  • You will see a list of Section and/or Interest Group(s) and Working Group(s) that you are a member of (according to your current membership profile) and therefore eligible to vote for
  • You will be asked to select your preferences per available seat, after each choice you must click on „Go to next seat“
  • Once you have completed all of your preferences, you will be led to the final confirmation page where you can check the preferences that you have made
  • If you would like to change any of your preferences, please click on the „Go back“ button, then repeat the process of confirming your preferences until you are at the final confirmation page again
  • Once you are satisfied that the preferences are correct, please click on the „VOTE“ button
  • It is possible to log in and out of the voting platform, however if you wish to leave some seats for choosing at a later time, you must follow the process to the final confirmation page and click „VOTE“ to save the preferences you have made so far. When you log in at a later time, these initial preferences will then be saved

To view the new EAACI governance structure, please click here.
More information about the voting procedure can be found in our bylaws.

The chairs and secretaries for Sections, Interest Groups and Working Groups will be elected by the newly-elected boards at the beginning of May 2019 and will be announced during their Business Meetings at the EAACI Congress 2019 in Lisbon.

We strongly encourage you to take this opportunity to decide who will represent your interests for the next two years. The higher the participation, the more representative the results.

We will inform you of the outcome of the elections in due course and thank you in advance for your active participation.
Last updated 26 March 2019