Meet the 2017-2019 EAACI Executive Committee:

Board of Officers

Ioana Agache   President
Peter Hellings   Secretary General
  • EAACI Secretary General

  • Peter Hellings
  • Belgium
  • peter.hellings@med.kuleuven.be
Marek Jutel   Treasurer
  • EAACI Treasurer

  • Marek Jutel
  • Poland
  • marek.jutel@umed.wroc.pl
Carsten Schmidt Weber   VP Congress
  • EAACI Vice-President Congresses

  • Carsten Schmidt-Weber
  • Germany
  • vpcongresses@eaaci.org
Peter Schmid Grendelmeier   VP Education Specialty
  • EAACI Vice President Education & Specialty

  • Peter Schmid-Grendelmeier
  • Switzerland
  • peter.schmid@usz.ch
Karin Hoffmann Sommergruber   VP Communication Membership
Antonella Muraro Past President
  • EAACI Past President

  • Antonella Muraro
  • Italy
  • muraro@centroallergiealimentari.eu
Peter Walther Executive Director
  • Executive Director

  • Peter Walther
  • Switzerland
  • peter.walther@eaaci.org

Section Chairs

Zuzana Diamant   Chair Asthma Section
  • Asthma Section Chair
  • Zuzana Diamant
  • The Netherlands
  • z.diamant@gems.demon.nl
Knut Brockow
  • Dermatology Section Chair
  • Knut Brockow
  • Germany
  • knut.brockow@tum.de
Philippe Gevaert   Chair ENT Section
  • ENT Section Chair
  • Philippe Gevaert
  • Belgium
  • philippe.gevaert@ugent.be
Jürgen Schwarze
  • Basic & Clinical Immunology Section Chair
  • Jürgen Schwarze
  • United Kingdom
  • jurgen.Schwarze@ed.ac.uk
Montserrat Alvaro Lozano   Chair Pediatric Section
  • Pediatric Section Chair
  • Montserrat Alvaro Lozano
  • Spain
  • malvaro@sjdhospitalbarcelona.org
Ibon Eguiluz Gracia   Chair JM Assembly
  • Junior Members Chair
  • Ibon Eguiluz-Gracia
  • Spain
  • kemenda@hotmail.com

Interest Group Representatives

Oliver Pfaar   IG Representative
  • Oliver Pfaar
  • Germany
  • oliver@pfaar.org
Maria Torres   Interest Group Representative
  • Maria Torres
  • Spain
  • mjtorresj@gmail.com

Members at Large

Antti Lauerma   Member at Large
  • Antti Lauerma
  • Finland
  • antti.lauerma@hus.fi
Isabel Skypala   Member at Large
  • Isabel Skypala
  • United Kingdom
  • i.skypala@rbht.nhs.uk
Stefano Del Giacco   Member at Large
eaaci board member
  • Jose Maria Olaguibel
  • Spain
  • jm.olaguibel.rivera@cfnavarra.es
Liam O'Mahony   Member at Large
  • Liam O'Mahony
  • Ireland
  • liam.omahony@ucc.ie
Susanne Lau   Member at Large
  • Susanne Lau
  • Germany
  • susanne.lau@charite.de

Adjunct Members

  • Science Committee Chair
  • Tomás Chivato
  • Spain
  • tchivato@ceu.es
Glenis Scadding Ethics Committee
  • Ethics Committee Chair
  • Glenis Scadding
  • United Kingdom
  • gscadding@gmail.com
Mohamed Shamji SPC Coordinator
  • Scientific Programme Coordinator
  • Mohamed Shamji
  • United Kingdom
  • m.shamji@imperial.ac.uk
Roy Gerth van Wijk   Chair Specialty Committee
  • Specialty Committee Chair
  • Roy Gerth van Wijk
  • The Netherlands
  • r.gerthvanwijk@erasmusmc.nl
  • Scientific Media Editor
  • Edward Knol
  • The Netherlands
  • E.F.Knol@UmcUtrecht.nl
Musa Khaitov   Chair Knowledge Exam
  • Knowledge Exam Chair
  • Musa Khaitov
  • Russia
  • musa_khaitov@mail.ru
M. Beatrice Bilo   Chair National Allergy Societies Committee
Magdalena Czarnecka Operacz   Chair CME Committee
  • CME Committee Chair
  • Magdalena Czarnecka-Operacz
  • Poland
  • czarnecka.operacz@gmail.com
Frans Timmermans   Chair Patients Organisations Committee
  • Patients Organisations Committee Chair
  • Frans Timmermans
  • The Netherlands
  • f.timmermans@anafylaxis.nl
Sylwia Smolinska   Website Editor
  • Website Editor
  • Sylwia Smolinska
  • Poland
  • webeditor@eaaci.org
  • Newsletter Editor
  • Darío Antolín-Amérigo
  • Spain
  • newsletter@eaaci.org
  • Social Media Editor
  • Florin-Dan Popescu
  • Romania
  • florindanpopescu@allergist.com
Last updated 12 November 2018
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