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IG - Allied Health & Primary Care

  • About Us

    Overarching Aim

    To act as a network across Europe to support integrated working in allergy care, highlighting the roles and benefits that allied health and primary care workforce can bring to the current health systems.

    Short term

    1.To identify the current knowledge base and establish educational needs and create educational initiatives for both primary and allied healthcare professionals such as e-leaning modules, webinars, masterclasses, summer school and symposiums

    2.To place the patient at the centre of design of new integrated care allergy pathways to inform policy on new ways of working

    3. To identify needs for guidelines, position statements and competency documents that improve and support the practice of primary and allied healthcare members

    4. To encourage new members of EAACI to join the group and to look at collaborative leadership across the group learning from each other’s perspectives with the view to support career planning (add the link to the mentorship programs)

    5. To ensure that there are Allied Health and Primary Care are represented within the current mentoring structure


    1. Look at workforce remodelling enabling sustainable working with our specialist colleagues to create accessible and comprehensive pathways of care building on the work from the competencies paper

    2. To support allied healthcare and primary care professionals with the implementation of allergy competencies, by developing generic teaching module that can be used in any of the European countries and can be adapted to local requirements.

    4. To establish a mentoring system where established primary and allied healthcare members mentor members new to allergy

    Long term

    1. To ensure high quality and safety in the delivery of allergy care across the health system with the principle of holistic care for all our patients through supporting guidelines, competencies and research.

    2. To encourage research and support members to seek funding from various funding bodies

    3. To seek investment and opportunities for allied health and primary care workers to inform policy and create a list of priorities of these.

    4. To create a sustainable workforce with competencies and guidelines to deliver care in multiple contexts with systems that support real time working such as decision support and desktop advisors and close working in harmony with specialists.
    Last updated: 07 January 2019
  • Taskforces


    Allied Healthcare members have been actively involved in several task forces.

    The first one is currently working on developing competencies for allied health professionals. This taskforce, is a collaborative venture with JMA and the Primary Care IG, is led by the current Allied health chair, Isabel Skypala, and is a multidisciplinary group consisting of dietitians, physicians, nurses and others.  The members include, Isabel Skypala, Berber Vlieg-Boerstra, Carina Venter, Nicolette de Jong, Inger Kull, James Gardner, Andrew Williams, Dermot Ryan and Jan de Mochy.

    The second task force is working on multidisciplinary  team working in allergy and has several allied healthcare members involved.

    The third task force involving allied healthcare members is on Special Products for Cow's Milk Allergy. Members include Rosan Meyer, Isabel Skypala and Kate Grimshaw. The group is meeting in September and October at FAAM and it is hoped that a position statement will be published in 2017.

    Last updated: 25 August 2016
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