National Societies Committee

The National Society Committee

  Cevdet Ozdemir - EAACI National Allergy Societies Committee Chair

Cevdet Ozdemir

NAS Committee Chair
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Elena Bradatan
NAS Committee Secretary


About the Committee
The NAS Committee is a platform which brings together European NAS, the Chairperson of the International Societies Council and EAACI representatives in order to facilitate constant communication and improve the collaboration on various issues and activities. Points of discussion in the NAS Committee may be current issues coming from local situations in Europe or affecting EAACI activities such as National Allergy Programmes or Guidelines. The Committee’s members exchange on difficulties and opportunities in implementing guidelines and collaborate on the preparation of the next NAS Forum. They also join forces to disseminate public campaigns, lobby for better cares and recognition of allergic diseases at the national and European levels and encourage the recognition of Allergy Specialty and continuous medical education at the national level.

The NAS Committee consists of one representative from each European NAS member of EAACI, a Chairperson nominated by the EAACI Executive Committee, a Secretary elected by the Committee's members and the Chair of the International Societies Council.

The NAS Committee is constituted for a period of two years (starting from 2015-2017) and its members can be re-elected once for a second mandate. Each NAS designates a representative for the Committee who will serve as primary communication partner in the planned intensified interaction between EAACI and NAS. The representative should be able to attend all NAS Committee meetings and tele-conferences (at least one every 3 months) and should be able to decide on behalf of the NAS. The official language for communications with the NAS Committee members is English.

NAS Committee Protocol
New communication structures in EAACI for the Allergy National Societies
Member Societies

Interview with Beatrice Bilo, Ospedali Riuniti di Ancona
June 2019

Beatrice Bilo explains the importance of the NAS Committee to 
serve as a networking platform for the different European Societies 

“The national society committee is an interactive platform and is made of representatives of
each European national society members of the EAACI (…). The main goal of this committee is to
increase the interaction and the trust between EAACI and the National Allergy Societies,
including educational and scientific activities”

Last updated 18 February 2021
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