Guidelines Committee

The aim of the EAACI Guidelines Committee is to oversee the successful generation of EAACI guidelines.

The specific objectives are to:
1. Develop proposals for new guidelines and updated guidelines for review and approval by the EAACI Executive Committee.
2. Oversee the development of new guidelines and updating of old guidelines.
3. Provide support for EAACI members proposing or developing new EAACI guidelines.
4. Ensure the appropriate dissemination of EAACI Guidelines.
5. Facilitate the implementation of EAACI Guidelines.

A list of EAACI guidelines that have been published and are in development can be found in the resources section.

The committee reports to the EAACI Executive Committee. The Committee’s terms of reference can be found here.

For further information or assistance, please contact the chair Antonella Muraro ( or the secretary Graham Roberts (

Last updated 26 June 2019