18 October 2018
Copenhagen, Denmark

Scientific Programme

Scientific Programme

Thursday, 18 October 2018



09:00-10:45 Session I: Food allergy

Chairs: Bernadette Eberlein (Germany), Alexandra Santos (United Kingdom)

09:00-09:25 Integrating BAT and CRD in food allergy, Peter Korosec (Slovenia)

BAT results as predictors of clinical reactivity, Bernadette Eberlein (Germany)

09:50-10:45 Oral presentations
09:50-10:05 Correlation of in-vivo oral food challenge with in-vitro basophil activation test in hazelnut allergic patients
10:05-10:20 The early decrease in basophil sensitivity is a biomarker of sustained unresponsiveness in peanut oral immunotherapy
10:20-10:35 Blood stability in BAT Test

Coffee break

11:15-13:00 Session II: Drug hypersensitivity

Chairs: Cristobalina Mayorga (Spain), Anna Nopp Scherman (Sweden)

11:15-11:40 BAT in IgE-mediated and non IgE-mediated hypersensitivity, Cristobalina Mayorga (Spain)

Expanding the use of BAT in immediate hypersensitivity, Vito Sabato (Belgium)

12:05-13:00 Oral presentations
11:50-12:05 Basophil Activation test is highly sensitive for the diagnosis of type I gelofusine allergy
12:05-12:20 Drug allergy during pregnancy: A new aspect
12:20-12:35 Monitoring hypersensitivity to a novel IgE immuno-therapy undergoing First-in-Class, First-in-Man clinical trial with the Basophil Activation Test
12:35-12:50 Comparative analysis of basophil gating strategies for the Basophil Activation Test


14:30-16:15 Session III: Future Developments

Chairs: Anna Nopp Scherman (Sweden), Edward Knol (The Netherlands)

14:30 – 14:55 Advantages and limitations of BATAnna Nopp Scherman (Sweden),
14:55 – 15:20

Automated analysis of BATPaul Rozaire (France)

15:20 – 16:15 Oral presentations
15:10-15:25 An automated method for determining quality control. Parameters for basophil activation testing based on flow data
15:25-15:40 Is intracellular histamine a more comprehensive marker for BAT?
15:40-15:55 Feasability evaluation of automating and miniaturizing sasophil activation testing in 96 well plate format
15:55-16:10 Validation experiments on Basophil Activation test using 96-Deep well microtiter plates with desktop flow cytometer detection
16:15-16:55 Round table with discussion “External Quality Assurance of the Basophil Activation Test”

16:55-17:00 End of meeting