Munich, 28 May 2018
Diesel Gate – Cleansing Storm or Dogmatic Politics?

Munich, 28 May 2018
Passive Immunotherapy – The Future of Allergy Treatment?

Munich, 26 May 2018
Changing the Perspective of Allergy Professor Gideon Lack wins EAACI Award

Munich, 26 May 2018
Innovative Solutions for Allergy – EAACI Welcomes the World of Allergy at its Annual Congress in Munich

London, 27 October 2017
5th Pediatric Allergy and Asthma Meeting (PAAM) - World leading experts are coming together to discuss the newest research outcomes, disease management and how to improve the lives of patients

Helsinki, 17 June 2017
On the Road to Prevention and Healthy Living – EAACI Welcomes the World of Allergy at its Annual Congress in Helsinki
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Rome, 13 October 2016
4th Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Meeting (FAAM) - World-Leading Experts in Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis gather in Rome to discuss new research findings and advancements in diagnosis and management

Zurich, 13 Jun 2016
Waltzing with allergens: Thought-leaders gather in Vienna to discuss precision medicine and precision health in allergy and asthma
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Zurich, 3 May 2016
Allergy and asthma awareness event at the European Parliament draws hundreds to test their allergies
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Zurich, 25 April 2016
World’s largest meeting on drug hypersensitivity presents newest research and clinical applications
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Zurich, 7 April 2016
From disease burden to prevention and health promotion
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Additional information on pollen allergy, rhinitis and asthma
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Zurich, 15 March 2016
2016 Campaign - On the road to prevention and healthy living

Lisbon, 19 November 2015
How can we use molecules to better diagnose allergy?
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Brussels, 28 October 2015
EU Parliament vote improves measures to decrease air pollution but turns its back on 42,800 lives

Seville, 23 October 2015
Symposium on Chronic Uticaria

Seville, 22 October 2015
International Symposium on United Airways Disease at the National Allergy Congress in Spain

Berlin, 15 October 2015
Do green environments impact children’s health?
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Brussels, 14 October 2015
Science Academies highlight importance of Precision Medicine at EU Parliament
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Berlin, Germany, 7 September 2015
Is Europe overcoming childhood asthma?

Brussels, 14 July 2015
The ENVI Committee has a key opportunity to vote for cleaner air

London, 26 June 2015
Better training tools recommended to support patients using adrenaline auto-injectors

Brussels, 24 June 2015
More Europeans will be allergic to pollen if no measure is taken to reduce exposure

Barcelona, 9. June, 2015
Stronger Together: Collaboration at policy level to tackle the allergy epidemic in Europe

Barcelona, 8. June, 2015
EAACI launches the Global Atlas Allergic Rhinitis and Chronic Rhinosinusitis

Barcelona, 6. June, 2015
Facing the Allergy Crisis through Education and Prevention

Barcelona, 5. June, 2015
Over 7,000 professionals discussing new answers to old questions in allergies and immunology

Zurich, 19. May, 2015
Allergic rhinitis forces millions of people to hide from spring

Zurich, 16. April, 2015
World Allergy Week 2015 - Allergy: An increasing burden for all Europeans

Brussels, 25 March, 2015
Launch of new European Parliament Interest Group on Allergy and Asthma

Stockholm, 19 March, 2015
A step closer to more effective treatments for chronic sinusitis

Zurich, 9 March 2015
FOOD ALLERGY: a burden carried by  more than 17 million of Europeans

Brussels, 17 December 2014
Patients and doctors urge to put EU air quality policy back on the agenda

Athens, Greece. 13 November 2014
Two new studies on the treatment and identification of severe asthma may have found new ways to control and identify this disease.
How to reduce exacerbation rates in severe allergic asthma
Exacerbations constitute the greatest immediate risk to asthmatic patients. They are a marker of severe loss of control of asthma and require urgent treatment to prevent serious outcomes.1
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30 October 2014
Allergy and Asthma – double trouble

9 October 2014
Reducing the incidence of food allergy in children.
The press release is also available in Spanish.

Brussels, 2 October 2014
Better food labelling is key to save lives from food allergy reactions in Europe

18 September 2014
Faster and accurate identification of drugs causing allergic reactions: a great relief for patients

11 June 2014
The European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) calls for major prioritization of allergic diseases in the European political agenda.
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10 June 2014
Up to 17% of the European population could suffer some kind of food allergy.
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9 June 2014
EAACI launches the Global Atlas of Allergy, developed by the top 170 opinion leaders worldwide .
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7 June 2014
World-leading asthma experts unite to reduce European mortality rates

6 June 2014
More than 8,000 delegates from around the world will share the latest advances in allergies and immunological diseases.
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5 June 2014
150 million Europeans are ‘trapped ’ by allergy

14 April 2014
More than 7% of the general population are affected by drug allergy reactions, involving excessive cost for the healthcare system.
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7 April 2014
Up to 22% of European children have an allergy, with serious reaction to food on the rise

3 April 2014
9 out of 10 people die of a chronic disease in Europe

24 January 2014
178 Members of the European Parliament call for coordinated European action on allergies

13 January 2014
EAACI calls on MEPs to address allergies diagnosis gap by signing Written Declaration 0022/2013

4 November 2013
New findings on Kiwifruit major allergen brings new hope to patients.
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23 October 2013
Europe’s Leading Patient and Academic Groups urge the EU to Tackle Burden of Allergic Disease
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18 October 2013
Children with rhinitis almost five times more likely to experience severe asthma attack.
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15 October 2013
New research suggests a strong link between childhood asthma and air pollution
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6 September 2013
We need to secure real - time pollen monitoring in Europe!

23 June 2013
EAACI publishes the first European guidelines for food-allergy sufferers.
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21 June 2013
Origins of allergies at fetal stage
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13 June 2013
EAACI launches the Global Atlas of Asthma
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6 June 2013
New proof for pre-birth programming of food allergies
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21 March 2013
Exposure to inhaled agents at work means 1 in 4 of operated chronic sinusitis patients fail to recover
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13 February 2013
MeDALL research team presented significant results on allergic diseases

7 February 2013
EAACI issues European Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Public Declaration
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13 December 2012
Food allergies and cooking safely this holiday season
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7 December 2012
Consensus report will aid clinicians in identifying underlying causes of eosinophilic disorders in patients with allergic diseases

29 November 2012
10% to 20% of school children may be affected by atopic dermatitis
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12 October 2012
More than 75% of the asthma patient care costs are attributed to severe asthma cases
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4 October 2012
“May Contain/Contains – Food Allergen Labelling” – Better labelling in the EU is necessary to empower people with food allergy in Europe

19 June 2012
Less than 50% of asthmatic children control their symptoms, despite available treatments
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18 June 2012
Allergies become epidemic: Food Allergy sufferers double in the last 10 years
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Video – Dr Antonella Muraro explains the Food Allergy Campaign.

15 June 2012
EU Health Priorities: Political and Research Agenda

15 June 2012
Eczema in babies due to stress in pregnancy
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04 June 2012
Stress in pregnant women can provoke allergic reactions such as asthma or eczema in the newborn
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23 April 2012
EAACI calls to patients to prevent severe symptoms with: Spring is here, visit your allergist!

21 March 2012
By 2040, 40% of the population will present an allergic predisposition in Europe

14 October 2011
Obese children have up to double the risk of having asthma

13 October 2011
Breastfeeding reduces the risk of suffering allergy

15 June 2011
How do you like your eggs? A new test for egg allergy.

15 June 2011
Allergy fears from new foods

14 June 2011
No party time for children with allergies

13 June 2011
Prof. Cezmi Akdis is now the new President of EAACI

13 June 2011
EAACI presents the European Declaration on Allergen Immunotherapy

13 June 2011
Do "EpiPens" save lives?

13 June 2011
Bringing up baby: How best to avoid allergy.

12 June 2011
How do you feel? The psychological impact of food allergy.

12 June 2011
How the environment influences allergy before and after birth.

12 June 2011
William Frankland wins Noon Award for a life dedicated to immunotherapy.

12 June 2011
Olympic-level training causes asthma.

12 June 2011
Exercise: a new tool in asthma management.

10 June 2011
Turkey needs more specialists to cope with allergy in children.

25 February 2011
In the battle of the doctors, it’s the allergic patients who win!

21 February 2011
Let the battle begin for better allergy vaccines!

19 February 2011
Food allergies in children cause anxiety and loneliness, have dramatic impact on their quality of life

17 February 2011
17 million Europeans allergic to food; allergies in children doubled in the last 10 years
You can also find the Food Allergy Figures in Europe here

12 November 2010
Experts attending EAACI’s “ Skin Allergy Meeting” in Venice say treatment of skin diseases is pivotal to block other types of allergies

11 November 2010
EAACI’s Skin Allergy Meeting opens in Venice, with over 300 top experts focusing on the latest challenges in allergic skin diseases

10 November 2010
EAACI welcomes Irish National Society into its network

09 November 2010
The occurrence of allergic skin diseases in children has doubled in recent years, due to an increased use of children make-up and other cosmetics

07 July 2010
Prof. Cezmi Akdis elected new President of EAACI

09 June 2010
Asthma rise for elite athletes: a warning for the Olympics 2012

07 June 2010
Fish and farm life ward off allergies

07 June 2010
The low-risk peanut

06 June 2010
Twins’ birthweight reveals risk of asthma and eczema

06 June 2010
Overweight and wheezy: asthma link to obesity

06 June 2010
Cleaning sprays can trigger asthma

06 June 2010
Lifestyle regime could prevent asthma

03 March 2010
" The Allergy News" - the portal featuring the latest scientific allergy news

07 December 2009
Climate Change Can Affect Allergic Respiratory Diseases

12 November 2009
The International Meeting “Pediatric Allergy and Asthma” organized by EAACI- European Academy for Allergy and Clinical Immunology opens today in Venice, Italy

12 November 2009
Swine Flu and the risk of vaccination in allergic patients

10 November 2009
Allergies growing at alarming rate among children and teenagers: One out of two adults will suffer of a chronic allergic disease in 2015.

26 October 2009
EAACI ( European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology) recommendations for health professionals regarding seasonal and swine influenza vaccination in egg-allergic patients.

26 October 2009
EAACI ( European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology) recommendations for egg allergic patients regarding flu vaccination.

10 October 2009
Swine-Flu – a threat for Asthmatics?

05 June 2009
One in every four children in Europe is allergic.

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