10 - 12 July 2021
EAACI Hybrid Congress 2021

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Saturday, 10 July 2021

Company Sponsored Symposia (CSS) /  Satellite Symposia (SAT) /  Company Sponsored Mini Symposia (CSMS)

All Hybrid Symposia are located at ICE Krakow in Hall S2 and are also available on the EAACI Hybrid Congress 2021 digital platform. 

CSMS 1-1

09:00 - 09:30

AstraZeneca: Relegating OCS to last resort: Creating a paradigm shift in asthma management


OCS use in asthma – what is the problem, and why does it matter?

Speaker: Jorge Maspero, Argentina        

Identifying severe and uncontrolled asthma – tools for improving clinical care            

Speaker: Steve Holmes, UK         

Panel discussion: Driving OCS stewardship in clinical practice

Speakers: Jorge Maspero, Argentina; Steve Holmes, UK

CSS 1-1

10:00 - 11:30

ALK: Best in both worlds - Demonstrating long-term effectiveness of allergy immunotherapy in the real world 

Chair: Natalija Novak, Germany


REWEAL: REal World Evidence in Allergy

Speaker: Natalija Novak, Germany

Randomised controlled trials: The start of our evidence-based journey

Speaker: Stephen R. Durham, UK             

Real world evidence: New horizons, and reasons to believe

Speaker: Nick Freemantle, UK   

The big REWEAL: Real patients. Real questions. Answered!

Speaker: Benedikt Fritzsching, Germany

Panel discussion

Speaker: All


CSS 1-2

12:00 - 13:30

AMGEN and AstraZeneca: TSLP: a key epithelial cytokine at the top of the asthma inflammatory cascade

Chairs: Andrew Menzies-Gow, UK & Stephanie Korn, Germany


Raising the bar for the management of severe asthma: remission as the goal of therapy              

Speaker: Andrew Menzies-Gow, UK        

The airway epithelium as first line of defence: diverse downstream inflammatory cascades in response to viruses and allergens

Speaker: Celeste Porsbjerg, Denmark

Triggers of exacerbations: what is driving severe asthma?

Speaker: Stephanie Korn, Germany

How might epithelial cytokines be driving asthma in our patients?

Speaker: Ioana Agache, Romania              

Audience Q&A, discussion and concluding remarks

Andrew Menzies-Gow, UK; Stephanie Kom, Germany; Ioana Agache, Romania

CSS 1-3

14:00 - 15:30

Thermo Fisher Scientific: Asthma, does allergy matter?

Chair: Pablo Rodríguez del Río, Spain

Welcome and introduction

Speaker: Pablo Rodríguez del Río, Spain

Every doctor should phenotype asthmatic patients

Speaker: Thomas Casale, USA

How to improve management and care for the wheezing child

Speaker: Andrew Liu, USA

Updates in allergen component testing and what’s in the pipeline

Speaker: Magnus Borres, Sweden


Speakers:  Pablo Rodríguez del Río, Spain; Thomas Casale, USA; Andrew Liu, USA; Magnus Borres, Sweden



CSS 1-4

16:00 - 17:30

Sanofi Genzyme and Regeneron: Navigating Type 2 Inflammation across the skin, airway, and esophagus

Chair: William Busse, USA

Connecting Type 2 Inflammation to clinical characteristics of disease

Speaker: Oscar Palomares, Spain

Breaking barriers: How relevant are biomarkers of Type 2 Inflammation?

Speaker: William Busse, USA

Clinical implications: Why target Type 2 Inflammation?

Speakers: Natalija Novak, Germany & William Busse, USA

Question and answer session

Speakers: All Faculty

SAT 1-1

18:00 - 19:00

GSK: Targeted therapy for patients with severe eosinophilic asthma – an interactive conversation with experts

Chairs: Peter Howarth, UK; Maciej Kupczyk, Poland


Welcome address from chairs

Speakers: Peter Howarth, UK; Maciej Kupczyk, Poland    

Elevating care for severe eosinophilic asthma patients through precision medicine        

Speaker: Santiago Quirce, Spain

Addressing your clinical questions in the treatment of severe eosinophilic asthma: Audience-led discussion

Speakers: Peter Howarth, UK; Maciej Kupczyk, Poland

Closing remarks and Q&A

Speakers: Peter Howarth, UK; Maciej Kupczyk, Poland

Sunday, 11 July 2021

CSMS 2-1

09:00 - 09:30

Allergy Therapeutics: Ameliorating atopy by targeted micronutrient supplementation with beta-lactoglobulin


Ameliorating atopy by targeted micronutrient supplementation with beta-lactoglobulin

Speaker: Franziska Roth-Walter, Austria

CSS 2-1

10:00 - 11:30

Stallergenes Greer: Supporting individual patients’ needs: AIT still an unmatched model of personalized medicine for allergy

Chairs: Giorgio Walter Canonica, Italy; Ruby Pawankar, Japan; Marek Jutel, Poland


AIT still a unique model of personalized medicine

Speaker: Giorgio Walter Canonica, Italy

Maximizing patient’s chances of better outcomes

Speaker: Oliver Pfaar, Germany

Harnessing each patient’s clinical profile in real life to adapt AIT

Speaker: Davide Caimmi, France

Making the digital shift in respiratory allergies

Speaker: Jean Bousquet, Germany

CSS 2-2

12:00 - 13:30

DBV Technologies: Patients with peanut allergy: the hope for a better life?       

Chairs: Antonella Muraro, Italy;  Philippe Eigenmann, Switzerland             



Speaker: Antonella Muraro, Italy

The daily burden of peanut allergy

Speaker: Katharina Blümchen, Germany

Early management of peanut allergy: the window of opportunity?

Speaker: Jonathan Hourihane, Ireland    

Managing patients with peanut allergy today and tomorrow

Speaker: Helen Brough, UK         


Speaker: Philippe Eigenmann, Switzerland

SAT 2-1

14:00 - 15:00

Sanofi Genzyme and Regeneron: Yesterday’s vision is today’s opportunity to address Type 2 Inflammation in pediatric and adult atopic dermatitis patients          


Speaker: Tilo Biedermann, Germany

Common underlying pathophysiology of Type 2 Inflammatory diseases and implications for atopic dermatitis  

Speaker: Tilo Biedermann, Germany      

Evolving treatments for Type 2 Inflammation in atopic dermatitis across age groups

Speaker: Lisa Beck, USA

Live Q&A

Speakers: Tilo Biedermann, Germany; Lisa Beck, USA

CSMS 2-2

15:15 - 15:45

Allergopharma: Allergen composition of preparations translate into clinical outcomes of AIT

Chair: Susanne Lau, Germany  

Relevance of molecular evolution in allergic patients

Speaker: Marek Jutel, Poland     

Characterizing the allergen symphony of AIT products

Speaker: Petra Zieglmayer, Austria

CSS 2-3

16:00 - 17:30

LETI Pharma: The complex world of allergy. Patient’s needs in real life

Chair: Luis Delgado, Portugal

Allergic patients: The complexity of personalized medicine

Speaker: Jeronimo Carnés, Spain

The future is now: Biomarkers

Speaker: Mohamed Shamji, U.K

RWE: What is happening with our patients?

Speaker: Ralph Mösges, Germany

IWS 2-1

Hall S3A (100 pax) / Channel 3 – EAACI Lab1

17:15 - 18:45

HAL Allergy: Meet the experts on AIT in Food Allergy

Welcome & Introduction

Current Developments of AIT in Food Allergies

Speaker: Ronald van Ree, The Netherlands

Who are the right candidates for AIT in food allergy?

Speaker: Montserrat Fernandez Rivas, Spain

Q & A Podium Discussion

Speakers: Ronald van Ree, The Netherlands; Montserrat Fernandez Rivas, Spain

SAT 2-2

18:00 - 19:00

Sanofi Genzyme and Regeneron: Managing severe asthma and CRSwNP: Through the lens of Type 2 Inflammation        

Chairs: Santiago Quirce, Spain; Ekkehard Beck, Germany; Enrico Heffler, Italy; Wytske J. Fokkens, The Netherlands

Opening Remarks

Speakers: Santiago Quirce, Spain; Ekkehard Beck, Germany; Enrico Heffler, Italy

Wytske J. Fokkens, The Netherlands

Type 2 Inflammation: The common underlying pathway

Speaker: Enrico Heffler, Italy      

Panel discussion: What have we learned about Type 2 Inflammation from clinical experience?

Speakers: Santiago Quirce, Spain; Ekkehard Beck, Germany; Enrico Heffler, Italy; Wytske J. Fokkens, The Netherlands

Dupilumab: Targeting Type 2 Inflammation to effectively treat  asthma and CRSwNP

Speakers: Ekkehard Beck, Germany; Wytske J. Fokkens, The Netherlands

Audience Q&A - Closing remarks

Speakers: Santiago Quirce, Spain; Ekkehard Beck, Germany; Enrico Heffler, Italy; Wytske J. Fokkens, The Netherlands

Monday, 12 July 2021


SAT 3-1

10:15 - 11:15

Nestlé Health Science: Advancing the management of CMPA with HMO: Priming the immune system

Chair: Liam O'Mahony, Ireland



Speaker: Liam O'Mahony, Ireland

The clinical relevance of HMO in infants with CMPA

Speaker: Yvan Vandenplas, Belgium

HMO shaping the gut microbiome in infants with CMPA

Speaker: Ralf Heine, Switzerland

Immunological and microbial effects of HMO in experimental models of food allergy

Speaker: Sophie Nutten, Switzerland

CSS 3-1

12:00 - 13:30

AstraZeneca: Advances in eosinophilic diseases             

Chair: David Jackson, UK


Introduction to the role of esinophils in health and their role in airway inflammation 

Speaker: David Jackson, UK         

The central role of eosinophils in eosinophilic oesophagitis       

Speaker: Arjan Bredenoord, Netherlands             

The emerging role of esinophils in chronic urticaria        

Speaker: Sabine Altrichter, Austria           

Q&A session and meeting close

Speakers: David Jackson, UK; Arjan Bredenoord, Netherlands; Sabine Altrichter, Austria

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