06 - 10 June 2020
London, United Kingdom

General Information

For EAACI Congress 2020 participants


All abstracts will be listed on the EAACI app as of Saturday, 6 June 2020. Presented abstract texts will be published on the EAACI Media Library and in the official EAACI Journal Allergy after the congress.

Each participant receives a name badge upon check-in at the registration desk. This badge should be worn at all times in order to gain access to the session rooms and other events. Please note that access to the congress areas will not be permitted without an official congress badge. If you have lost your badge, a new one can be reprinted (with proof of your original registration) at the Registration Assistance Desk for EUR 60. Your badge will be scanned at the entrance to session rooms for CME accreditation and internal EAACI statistical purposes.

Bank / ATM Machines
There are two Note ATMs near the west entrance of the venue by Costa and Panini Pronto, and another Note ATM in the centre of the boulevard between entrances S6 and N6. There are a Barclays and a Note ATM located on level 0 between N4 and S4. Should the in-venue ATMs run out of cash, there is also an ATM nearby at the Tesco Express.
For foreign currencies, there is a Travelex ATM by the S11 entrance on the boulevard.

Business Centre
There is a shop on level 0 at the bottom of the stairsnear N4/S4 which sells a range of stationery items and can also do photocopying and faxing. This shop has its own Bureau de Change.

Certificate of Attendance
The Certificate of Attendance can be downloaded after completing the delegates survey, which will be sent via email after the congress.

The local currency is Pound Sterling (GBP) but the Congress official currency is Euro (EUR). The closest currency exchange office is located in the shop on level 0 at the bottom of the stairs near N4/S4.

EAACI will not be held liable for personal injuries or for loss of or damage to property incurred by participants at the EAACI Congress 2020. Participants are encouraged to purchase an insurance to cover loss incurred in the event of cancellation, medical expenses, or damage to or loss of personal effects when travelling outside of their own countries. EAACI cannot be held liable for any hindrance or disruption of the EAACI Congress 2020 proceedings arising from natural, political, social or economic events or other unforeseen incidents beyond its control (force majeure). Registration of a participant implies acceptance of this condition. The materials presented at this continuing medical education activity are made available for educational purposes only.

EAACI Campus
The EAACI Campus is located within the registration area. All information about EAACI activities such as membership, publications, EAACI Media Library and future events is available under one roof.

Emergencies / First Aid
Dial 112 for emergencies. Please contact the registration desk or any staff member for assistance.
You can approach any of the ExCeL team who can help you with a medical emergency or go to level 0 on the boulevard and down the stairs by N4/S4.

EAACI Congress 2020 Exhibition is open on 7-9 June 2020 from 09:00 – 17:30.

Exhibition access restrictions:
  • Advertising of medicinal products is governed by the Laws and regulations of both local British and EU authorities.
  • All delegates are permitted to enter the exhibition, however the participants’ profession (MD, non-MD, Allied Health Professional, Scientist, Other) is marked on the badge, so exhibitors can identify if prescription-only medicines (POM) can be advertised to the delegate.

Food and Beverage
Catering services are located in the exhibition area. Coffee and lunch are not included in the registration fee.
Water fountains are available throughout the venue.

General Assembly
EAACI’s General Assembly will take place from 08:00-09:00 on Monday, 8 June 2020. Access is restricted to EAACI members only. Please note, EAACI membership fees for 2020 must be paid before access to the General Assembly is permitted. EAACI staff will be available at the entrance of the General Assembly should you need to pay your membership fees.

Your membership number is printed on your badge. If you do not have the number on your badge and you are a member of EAACI, please contact the Registration Assistance Desk in the registration area to have a new badge issued.

The official language of EAACI Congress 2020 is English.

Lost and Found
Lost and Found is located at the Registration Assistance counters in the registration area.

Membership Services Desk
Visit the Membership Services Desk, located within the EAACI Campus, to sign up or renew your EAACI membership or simply get more information on its benefits.

Mobile App
The EAACI app enables you to explore EAACI Congress 2020 programme and exhibition at your fingertips. It is supported by Novartis, as Founder Sponsor.
The app allows you to:
  • browse, search and personalise the entire event programme;
  • search, and locate exhibitors in the Exhibition Hall;
  • access useful information about the Congress;
  • access Congress abstracts (available from 6 June 2020);
  • access E-Posters (available from 6 June 2020);
  • provide your feedback by evaluating speakers and sessions;
  • vote in sessions that have polls
  • create and synchronise events with your personal calendar;
  • chat with colleagues.
Click here to download the app!

Mobile Phone Policy
Please respect the meeting policy and switch your mobile phones to silent in all meeting rooms.

Oyster Cards
You can buy an Oyster Card at any underground station, the closest to ExCeL London is Canning Town. Contactless credit and debit cards can also be used to travel on travel on tube, DLR, London Overground, buses and most National Rail services in London for the same price as an Oyster fare.

Personal wheeled vehicles
Hoverboards, skateboards, segways, scooters, rollerblades, and bicycles are not permitted for use within the venue or the Boulevard.

Photography, filming and video recording
Taking photographs or making any other form of electronic recording during the sessions in the meeting rooms is strictly forbidden. An official photographer will be present for the entire event. Photos will be available for download on the congress website after the meeting. Please note, by registering to attend the EAACI Congress 2020, you acknowledge and agree that official photographs taken during the congress may be used for future meeting promotional purposes.

Post Office
There are two post boxes, one at the West of the venue by the taxi rank and one at the entrance at the East by the taxi rank.
The nearest post office is located about 300 meters from London ExCeL at 1 Cundy Rd, London E16 3DJ.

Poster Exhibition Information
  • Thematic Poster Sessions (TPS): Abstracts are grouped thematically into blocks of 15-20 posters. These will be in an electronic format at E-Poster stations, which are open to view for a whole day. At lunch time, presenters are available to discuss their work and answer questions from delegates and moderators.
  • Poster Discussion Sessions (PDS): Moderators will lead a discussion of around 15 related electronic posters in the session, asking the audience and the presenters to set the work in context and draw out important themes and conclusions. These sessions will be in an electronic format and will take place in four designated PDS Zones in the Exhibition Hall. Moreover, in each e-Poster area there is a Poster Help Desk.
  • Patent Abstract Sessions: Novel innovations in Allergy and Clinical Immunology that are in the process or have been successfully patented are presented in the Patent Abstract Session. These are discussed in the Poster Discussion Session (PDS) format. This scientific session will promote collaborations and potential joint ventures between academia and industry.

Prayer Room
The prayer room can be accessed through the grey door next to the S9 entrance on the boulevard.

Registered journalists have access to all scientific sessions (except PG/LL). Please contact us to arrange interviews with clinicians and researchers who are presenting their work at EAACI Congress 2020.
Contact details:
EAACI Public Affairs Specialist, Chiara Hartmann
Office number: +41 44 205 55 34, Email: chiara.hartmann@eaaci.org

Press office
The Press Office is located in Capital Lounge 5/6.

Support the EAACI Goes Green Initiative. Badge recycling boxes will be available in the registration area from Tuesday, 9 June 2020.

Registration is located at the main congress entrance (East entrance). Self badge print stations are available in the registration area.

Registration fee for delegates includes:
  • Admission to the congress and the exhibition
  • Pocket Programme
  • Opening Ceremony and Welcome Reception (if not opt-out during the registration process)
  • Closing Ceremony and Closing Reception

Safety, welfare and behaviour
London is a generally very safe city. Yet, like most other major cities, there is petty crime. Therefore, please be aware of thieves and pick-pockets at all times. Please pay special attention to your personal belongings, especially when walking in the city centre or using the public transportation system, but also inside the congress venue. Do not wear your badge outside the congress venue, and do not give it to anybody, even if you are leaving the congress. Any security problems or concerns within the congress venue should be reported to a member of EAACI. Security staff will handle any emergency situation and everyone is required to follow instructions announced via the public information system. Emergency exits are marked with green exit signs.

In respect of British and European laws and regulations, as well as due to current health and safety rules and legislation in effect, registration and/or admittance to the EAACI Congress shall be limited solely to participants who are 18 years of age or older. Registration by anyone who is under 18 is unauthorised and in violation of these terms and conditions and will automatically result in the forfeit of their registration. Identification is to be provided to congress staff upon request. Participants below 18 years of age will not be granted access to any part of the congress at any time. This is also valid for children accompanied by their parents and for any other unregistered person. If access to the congress is needed and no registration is available, the person should contact the registration desk. Badges are required to be worn at all times in the congress venue.

EAACI holds a very firm position against any form of discrimination and aims for a respectful, safe and productive environment for all participants including service providers and others associated with EAACI Congresses and Events. This position applies to all EAACI events and/or events organised in the name of EAACI. EAACI does not tolerate any disruptive behaviour, sexual harassment, bullying, racism, physical or verbal abuse or any other form of unacceptable behaviour by participants and/or staff at our meetings. All delegates and staff shall adhere to dignity and mutual respect. EAACI expects fair and appropriate behaviour at all times.

EAACI reserves the right to take any action deemed necessary and appropriate, including immediate removal from the meeting without warning or refund, in response to any incident of unacceptable behaviour. EAACI reserves the right to prohibit attendance at any future EAACI Meetings. For internal purpose, all reports about incidents of unacceptable and/or disruptive behaviour will be referred to as complaints and stored according to GDPR Rules and Regulations.

In case of support please do not hesitate to contact the EAACI Annual Congress Manager by sending an email to: Simone Lüscher at simone.luescher@eaaci.org, or call +41 79 892 88 41.

Session Attendance
Sessions may fill up quickly. Please arrive in good time for the start of a session. Due to health and safety regulations, hosts and hostesses are instructed to restrict access once the maximum capacity of the room is reached. Please refer to hostesses for overflow options.

Smoking Policy
E-cigarettes and vaping are not permitted within the venue. These can be used outside the venue only.
ExCeL London operates a no smoking policy throughout the venue. Smoking is permitted outside the venue.

Speaker Service Centre
The Speaker Service Centre is located in the registration area.

There is a Tesco Express about 600m from the West entrance to the venue

Virtual Congress Hubs
At the Virtual Congress Hubs you can:
  • View webcasts of a selection of congress sessions that you may have missed earlier in the congress
  • Search for abstracts and E-Posters
  • Take the opportunity to rate and comment on posters and webcasts
  • Search the congress programme by topic or key words.

Participants are advised to make their own arrangements with respect to entering London. If you need a letter of invitation, contact registration@eaaci.org after your registration fee is settled.
Please apply for a visa within a reasonable time prior to making your bookings.

Wifi Access
At ExCeL there is free, fast WiFi which is suitable for browsing, social media, and email. When you arrive at the venue, you just need to sign in to '_ExCeL FREE Wi-Fi' using the standard log in, or via LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.
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  • For technical and administrative purposes some information that can be used to identify you may be forwarded to third parties. For example, to process your registration for the EAACI Annual Congress and other EAACI events;
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