Research Fellowships

EAACI Junior Members (JMs)

Available Fellowship Types
1. Long-term Fellowships at EUR 25,000 each – 12 month period

2. Medium-term Fellowships at EUR 12,500 each – 6 month period
Long- and Medium-term Fellowships are intended to fund travel and living expenses for up to 6 or 12 months in a foreign European laboratory.

3. Short-term Fellowships at EUR 5,000 each

These fellowships intend to fund a 3 month research fellowships in a laboratory in another European country. Preference is given to specified acquirements of new techniques and establishment of collaborations.

Fellowship schedule
All fellows have one year after the formal announcement to complete their fellowship, depending on the centres/fellow availability.

Final report
At the end of the fellowship the candidate must submit a report describing the activities undertaken, as well as feedback/suggestions. A brief report of the candidate would also be made by the Research Centre.