General Terms

1. To be eligible to apply you must be under the age of 36 and an active member of the EAACI (EAACI-JM). Please note EAACI Junior Membership is free to all those aged 35 and under.

2. Applicants must contact an institution in another European country that is willing to host them for the whole duration of the fellowship, and define a supervisor. The host supervisor must be a member of EAACI, or have applied for membership of EAACI at the time of the Fellowship application.

3. Your home institution must be willing to release you of all work, laboratory and clinical, during the whole duration of the fellowship, and ensure that you will have the possibility to come back after the conclusion of the fellowship.

4. Adequate fluency in a language that permits effective communication in the host institution is required.

5. Fellowship recipients are not insured by EAACI and are encouraged to make sure that both, they and the institutions which receive them, are fully covered by the necessary insurances. Host institutions are encouraged to assist and pay for this. EAACI will not accept any liability.

The recent outbreak of the Coronavirus in Europe and elsewhere may have implications for the process of your fellowship project. It is for the participating organisations (home and host institutions) and individuals (fellowship winners, home and host supervisors) to decide on the course of action to take in the light of national travel advice. We advise you to follow the travel advice provided by your national authorities. There may be circumstances in which the current situation prevents the fulfilment of an obligation laid down in the grant agreement. If such cases are reported, EAACI will adopt a flexible approach and may apply the rules on force majeure foreseen in the grant agreement, if duly justified. Projects could also be exceptionally extended, if necessary.

Force Majeure with COVID-19 Specified
The performance of the Agreement by either party shall be subject to force majeure, including but not limited to acts of God, fire, flood, earthquakes, natural disaster, war or threat of war, acts or threats of terrorism, military disturbance, civil disorder, riots, strikes, governmental regulation or advisory, pandemic, epidemic, endemic or any recognized health threats as determined by the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control, or national or local government authority or health agencies (including but not
limited to the health threats of COVID-19, or other infectious diseases), curtailment of transportation facilities, or other occurrence beyond the control of the parties, where any of those factors, circumstances, situations, or conditions or similar ones prevent, dissuade,. or where any of them make it illegal, impossible, inadvisable, or commercially impracticable to hold the Fellowship Projects or to fully perform the terms of the Agreement. The Agreement may be cancelled by either party, without liability, damages, fees, or penalty, and any deposits or amounts paid shall be refunded, for any one or more of the above reasons, by written notice to the other party.

6. The Fellowship is a scholarship which in most European countries is tax-free. However, the recipient is responsible for any tax that may be required in some countries.

7. The Fellowship is not intended to cover salary. The salary has to be taken over by the host/home institution.

8. The Fellowship should be used to cover travel and accommodation as well as further required project-related expenses.

9. A person may submit only one application at a time.

10. All documents must be submitted in English and uploaded to the online application platform before the closing date each year.

11. Applications that do not include all required forms or forms that are not properly completed will not be considered for review.

12. The applications will be reviewed by an expert panel including representatives of EAACI and will be handled in strict confidence.

13. The starting date of the Fellowship period must start before the end of each year.

14. Fellowship recipients will be asked to provide a detailed report on the results of the scientific project including a short financial report.
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