Awardees & Achievements

Clinical Fellowships

Name: Lucia Diaferio, Italy
Project title: Reducing Skin Tests to Diagnose Beta Lactams Allergy is a Safe Possibility in Children
Host institution: Arnaud de Villeneuve Hospital, University Hospital of Montpellier, France

Name: Kotryna Linauskiene, Lithuania
Project title: Contact Allergy
Host institution: Department of Occupational & Environmental Dermatology, Skanes University Hospital, Malmo, Sweden

Name: Agne Ramonaite, Lithuania
Project title: Raise Skills on Drug Hypersensitivity Area: Clinical Evaluation, Investigation and Management
Host institution: Hospital Central Cruz Roja, Madrid, Spain

Name: Medhat M. A. Elamawy, Egypt
Project title: Non-Canonical NF Kappa B Signalling in Patients with Antibody Deficiency
Host institution: King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Director of Clinical Immunology & Allergy, London, United Kingdom

Name: Alessandra Arcolaci, Italy
Project title: Drug Allergy
Host institution: UGC Allergy Regional Hospital of Malaga IBIMA, Spain

Name: Mariam Movsisyan, Armenia
Project title: Differences between Armenia and Spain in Severe Cutaneous Reactions, Culprit Drugs
Host institution: Hospital La Paz, Madrid, Spain

Name: Kit Liang Gan, Malaysia
Project title: A Review on the Management of Allergic Rhinitis
Host institution: Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Name: Maria Teresa Gonzales, Peru
Project title: Clinical Fellowship
Host institution: St Mary’s Hospital, London, United Kingdom

Research Fellowships

Short term Research Fellowship

Name: Anand Kumar Andiappan, Singapore
Project title: An Integrated Approach for the Genome-Wide Identification of Allergic Rhinitis-Related Expression Quantitative Trait Loci (AReQTL) in two different Allergen Environments
Host institution: Karolinska Institutet, Institute of Environmental Medicine (IMM), Stockholm, Sweden

Name: Carla Mastrorilli, Italy
Project title: Molecular IgE Sensitization Profiles of Actinidia, Deliciosa in Patients with Kiwifruit Allergy: A Multicenter Stud
Host institution: Medical University of Vienna, Vienna General Hospital, Austria

Name: Gyaviira Nkurunungi, Uganda
Project title: Component-Based Microarray-Assisted Assessment of Allergen-Specific IgE Recognition Profiles in Rural and Urban Uganda
Host institution: Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Name: Elisa Corsiero, United Kingdom
Project title: Targeting Rheumatoid Arthritis with Monoclonal Antibodies Derived from Single Synovial B Cells: How to improve Diagnosis and Therapy
Host institution: Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, University of Pisa, Italy

Name: Youcef Shahali, Iran
Project title: In-depth proteomic analysis of propolis allergens using combinatorial peptide ligand
Host institution: Luxembourg Institute of Health, Koch, Luxembourg

Medium Term Research Fellowship

Name: Stefani Arasi, Italy
Project title: Clinical Validation of an Innovative MultiParametric Test in Allergic Rhinitis
Host institution: Charité Medical University, Berlin, Germany

Name: Eva-Maria Rick, United Kingdom
Project title: Characterisation of Aspergillus Niger and A. Tubingensis related Allergens Relevant to Asthma
Host institution: FH Campus, Wien, Austria

Name: Africa Sanchez, Spain
Project title: Study of the Allergenic Properties of Tree Nuts Subjected to Thermal Processing and Identification of Potential New Allergens
Host institution: University of Bonn Medical Center, Bonn, Germany

Name: Omursen Yildirim, Turkey
Project title: Kinetics and Effect of Type 2 Innate Lymphoid Cells on Nasal Tissue of Allergic Rhinitis after Repetitive Allergen Challenge and its Relation to TGF-Beta
Host institution: Royal Brompton Hospital, Imperial College London, United Kingdom

Long Term Research Fellowship

Name: Pattraporn Satitsuksanoa, Thailand
Project title: Biomarkers and Mechanisms of Food Allergen-Specific Immunotherapy and Immune Tolerance to Food Antigens
Host institution: Swiss Institute of Allergy and Asthma Reasearch (SIAF), Davos, Switzerland

Name: Dries Paul Van Elst, Poland
Project title: Innate Immune Receptors (NLRs, RLRs, ALRs), Regulate Epithelial Barrier Integrity in Asthma
Host institution: Swiss Institute of Allergy and Asthma Reasearch (SIAF), Davos, Switzerland

Name: Galber Rodrigues Araujo, Brazil
Project title: TGF-ß1-Like Peptides for Immunomodulation in Allergy
Host institution: Department of Molecular Biology, University of Salzburg, Vienna, Austria

Name: Ilean Maria Ghiordanescu, Romania
Project title: Effect of JAK Inhibition on Immunologic Memory as Basis for Facilitating Tolerance Induction During Allergen-Specific Immunotherapy
Host institution: Center ofAllergy and Environment (ZAUM), Technical University of Munich and Helmholtz Center, Munich, Germany

Name: Carmen Riggioni, Costa Rica
Project title: Desensitization vs. sustained unresponsiveness : analyzing long term efficacy of oral food immunotherapy in cows milk or egg allergic children
Host institution: Sant Joan de Déu Hospital, Barcelona, Spain
Last updated 27 May 2019
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