EAACI Knowledge Exam


EAACI has held the European Examination in Allergology and Clinical Immunology annually since 2008. Many candidates and members of numerous National Societies have already successfully passed the exam.

The exam is based on revised questions from a question pool prepared by EAACI Task Force members and members from different European centres. These questions are constantly updated and revised. The questions address topics of allergology including allergens, dermatology, respiratory and pediatric allergy, anaphylaxis, venom hypersensitivity, drug and food hypersensitivity. Furthermore, issues such as pregnancy and allergology, occupational allergies, eosinophilic disorders, mastocytosis, and CI-INH deficiency are covered. It also assesses basic immunology and clinical immunology (auto-immunity and immune deficiency). The exam lasts for three hours and has 120 multiple-choice questions, all in English.

The EAACI/UEMS Knowledge Examination in Allergology and Clinical Immunology takes place every year during the EAACI Congress. It does not replace or provide a substitute for existing national examinations held regularly by national bodies, although we expect it to help raise the standard of Allergology and Clinical Immunology in Europe.

I took the 4th EAACI /UEMS Knowledge Examination in Allergology/Clinical Immunology during the EAACI Meeting 2011 in Istanbul. I decided to take the exam because I was planning to work abroad for some years after completing my Allergy training in Spain, and I thought that an international certificate could help me achieve this goal.

It took me four months to prepare for the exam, but it was totally worth it as I got a holistic overview of the specialty; and even better, the certificate helped me to get a research position in Norway!

Ibon Eguíluz-Gracia, MD, PhD

Ximena-low I come from Ecuador and I am working as an allergologist in Spain. I took the EAACI exam during my third year of residency at the annual congress in Barcelona. My goal was to test my knowledge in the specialty, since there is no evaluation in Spain or Ecuador. When I looked at the literature I felt overwhelmed, there was a lot to study and things I didn’t know.
However, during the Exam day I enjoyed taking the exams because there was no pressure about passing or failing.
A few days later I was very happy to receive the notification that I passed! Now I’m more confident in my training.

Ximena Larco, MD

George Guibas Taking the EAACI exam was a very nice experience, and getting the Certificate of Excellence in Allergy was very rewarding. The certificate is an important addition to my CV and has been well-appreciated during job interviews, both from a clinical and a theoretical perspective.

Having this ‘mark of excellence’ from EAACI is an important accomplishment CV-wise but, more importantly, it makes me feel confident in my role as an Allergy/Immunology specialist.

George Guibas M.D, Phd (Georgios Gkimpas)
Last updated 06 November 2018
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