Task Force Regulations

Task Force Regulations

EAACI Task Forces
Task forces are scientific activities that deal with specific topics that are relevant, controversial, or new in the field. All EAACI members can apply for a specific task force in alignment with the chair and secretary of a specific section, interest group or working group. In addition, Task Forces can be assembled by the Executive Committee in case a strategic direction is to be prioritized or following the proposal of the Research and Outreach Committee or the Science Committee.

a. Task Forces have a Chair and a Secretary, responsible for application process, reporting and evaluation, budget usage and publication of the task force outcomes
b. A core group of maximum of 12 members is responsible for the coordination of the activities, together with the Chair and the Secretary. The core group is mentioned in the application process. Additional members can be added as needed and should be mentioned in the description of the TF.
c. All core group members applying Task Force members must be EAACI members in good standing
d. EAACI encourages the joint involvement of different Sections, Interest groups or Working groups in the development of a Task Force
e. In case of joint TF with external scientific groups or involvement of members with leadership positions in other societies or structures the existence of MoUs should be checked, together with the conflict of loyalty and an NDA should be provided by the external participants

Application and selection process
a. Application for new Task Forces must be completed via the EAACI budget platform by September of each year for the next year
b. All Task Forces are evaluated by the Scientific Committee, Research and Outreach Committee or the Methodology Committee (depending on the topic) and approved by the EAACI Executive Committee
c. Task Forces have the average duration of 2 years, and can be extended to a longer period if proof of activity is provided; the extension needs ExCom approval
d. Applications for EAACI Task Forces must follow the budget rules in EAACI bylaws Art.8
e. All members of the Task Forces are required to provide a declaration of interest and check the rules for the conflict of loyalty during the process of Task Force application

Task Force Outcomes
1. Timely budget application
2. Regular activity reports: one per year to the ExCom in relation to the budget application, every 6 months to the Scientific Committee, Research and Outreach Committee or the Methodology Committee (depending on the topic)
3. Scientific output (see separate description)
4. Short summary for the website and social media
5. Lay summary for the patients’ website

Publication policies
a. All publications (guidelines, consensus documents, reports, position papers, decision charts, videos, etc.) must be approved evaluated by the Scientific Committee, Research and Outreach Committee or the Methodology Committee (depending on the topic) and submitted for approval to the EAACI Executive Committee
b. Task Forces are not allowed to use EAACI’s name on publications that have not been approved by the EAACI Executive Committee
c. All publications should be done, unless otherwise approved by the Executive Committee, in EAACI journals, the EAACI Media Library, the EAACI website and/or other EAACI platforms
d. All publications should clearly state the financial support of EAACI
e. Coverage of the article processing charge for manuscript publication, art graphics, translations, or other publication related expenses by EAACI should be discussed in the Science Committee and with the EAACI Treasurer

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