NAS-JM Committee

NAS JM structure

The NAS Junior Committee (NAS-JM) is a joint initiative between the Junior Member Assembly (JMA) and the National Allergy Societies Committee (NASC), first established in the year 2019.

The creation of this Committee was aimed at increasing the participation of junior members from National Allergy Societies (NAS) within EAACI, giving visibility to national junior organizations, and overcoming both national and language barriers that might hinder active participation of NAS members in EAACI.

The tasks of the NAS-JM Committee are:
  • - To build a network of junior representatives for each national society with the purpose of promoting national junior-oriented activities, research and education, lobbying and advocating for allergy specialty in European countries
    - To help translate EAACI documents (i.e. guidelines, position papers) into national languages and disseminate such documents through the NAS and EAACI networks
    - To help disseminate EAACI campaigns and other activities within the national networks, and viceversa
    - To be actively involved in the NASC activities (i.e. working groups, joint collaborations, initiatives)

National Societies that are willing to participate to the NAS Junior Committee do nominate an EAACI Junior Member as NAS-JM Representative, according to their own bylaws.

Steering Committee 2019-2020

Chiara Tontini

NAS-JM Chair
Chiara Tontini (Italy)

Carmen Riggioni

NAS-JM Secretary
Carmen Riggioni-Viquez (Spain)


Ibon Eguiluz

JMA Board Chair
Ibon Eguíluz-Gracia (Spain)


Alberto Perea

JMA Board Secretary
Alberto Alvarez-Perea (Spain)

   Maria Bilo

NASC Chair
 Maria Beatrice Bilò (Italy) 

Nana Fyhrquist1

NASC Secretary
     Nanna Fyhrquist (Finland) 

The Representatives

Albanian Society of Allergy,
Asthma and Clinical Immunology         

Representative: Blerta Lame
Bulgarian Society of Allergology

Representative: Anna Valerieva
Czech Republic
Czech Society of Allergology
and Clinical Immunology

Representative: Jitka Polakova

ANAFORCAL (Association Nationale 
de Formation Continue en Allergologie)
Representative: Sarah Eve Saf

French Allergy Society
Representative: Anouchka Fillard


German Society of Allergology and
Clinical Immunology (DGAKI)
Representative: Hendrik Beckert

Hungarian Society of Allergology
and Clinical Immunology

Representative: Gabor Papp

Associazione Allergologi e Immunologi 
Territoriali Ospedalieri (AAIITO)
Representative: Chiara Tontini

Italian Society of Allergology
and Clinical Immunology (SIAAIC)
Representative: Stefania Nicola

Italian Society of Pediatric
Allergy and Immunology (SIAIP)
Representative: Riccardo Castagnoli

Latvian Association of Allergists (LAA)

Representative: Regina Pakalne-Bormane
Polish Society of Allergology

Representative: Natalia Ukleja-Sokolowska
Portuguese Society of Allergology
and Clinical Immunology (SPAIC)

Representative: Magna Alves Correia

Romanian Society of Pneumology
Representative: Cosei Valentin

Romanian Society of Allergology
and Clinical Immunology (RSACI)
Representative: Ileana Ghiordanescu

Serbian Association of Allergology
and Clinical Immunology

Representative: Aleksandra Barac
Slovenian Association of
Allergology and Immunology

Representative: Ana Koren

Spanish Society of Allergology 
Clinical Immunology (SEAIC)
Representative: Gabriela Zambrano

Spanish Society of Pediatric
Allergy, Asthma and Clinical Immunology (SEICAP)
Representative: Carmen Riggioni-Viquez


Pediatric Allergy and 
Asthma Academy Society (CAAAD)
Representative: Zeynep Hizli Demirkale

Turkish National Society of Allergy
and Clinical Immunology (TNSACI)

Representative: Ozge Ozturk Aktas


02/04/19 - Launch of NAS Junior Committee website
A website within EAACI dedicated to the activities of the NAS-JM Committee is up and running. Information on the Committee, member list, news section and uploaded Documents will be available here.

07/02/19 - Launch of NAS Junior Committee activities
Activities of the NAS-JM Committee have officially started. NAS-JM Representatives nominated by NAS have received the first communication on initiatives and pending activities.

23/01/19 - NAS Junior Committee featured in EAACI Newsletter
The NAS Junior Committee (NAS-JM) was officially introduced to all EAACI members in issue 53 of the EAACI Newsletter. An article signed by the NAS-JM Chair, Chiara Tontini, JMA Chair, Ibon Eguíluz-Gracia, and NASC Chair, Maria Beatrice Bilò, is featured, explaining the structure, purpose and activities of the NAS-JM Committee.
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