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Procedure to apply for the Certification of Pediatric Allergy Training Centers

Application for European Training Centre, Pediatric Allergology

Requirements for European Training Centres, click here.

Applications should be submitted to the European Training Committee in Pediatric Allergology (ETC-PA) Chairman and Secretary, via the national delegate to ETC-PA.

The initiative to apply should be by the centre in cooperation with the National Society on Pediatric Allergology and coordinated by the national representative to ETC-PA.

The application should be written by the head of the centre.
The visitation programme should be outlined in collaboration between the Centres and the visitation team.
The National Society or the centre should co-ordinate the travelling arrangements, flights, hotels, prepaid taxis, etc.

The cost is preferably shared between the centres in the same country or region. The cost per centre will vary with the distance to the centre for the visiting team.

The format used by the Spanish and Swedish centres was:

- Each application was discussed between the centre and the national representative to ETC-PA and exchanged between centres to allow centres to pick up ideas from other centres.
- The original application and the trainees report is with the secretary of ETC-PA, a paper copy is with the national representative to ETC-PA, and e-copies with the visiting team the representative and the respective centre.
- A copy of the e-applications should be with the secretary of national society.
- EUROPEAN BOARD OF PAEDIATRICS VISITATION, conclusion document in original, signed by the visitation team, should be with the secretary of ETC-PA, and a copy held by the national representative to ETC-PA (and the team and centre)

Chairman of ETC-PA, Arne Høst, Odense:
Secretary of ETC-PA, José Lopes dos Santos, Porto: