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Introduction to the Ocular Allergy (IGOA)

IGOA began it’s activity during the EAACI Congress 2010 in London.  Till now IGOA has not gathered too many members and we hope to find much more, especially ophthalmologists and pediatrics. Our group moves between two big fields: allergology and ophthalmology.  We would like to stimulate interdisciplinary research on ocular allergy diagnosis and treatment.

The aims of IGOA are:

1. To unify the definitions and classifications of ocular allergy diseases (it is done and our last TF is in press).
2. To prepare state-of-the-art groundwork on contemporary knowledge of ocular pathophysiology in allergic diseases and research courses which will explain the current lack of knowledge in this area (also it is done, our last TF is in press).
3. To prepare of  algorithm(s)  for diagnosis  of ocular allergy, while taking into consideration general practitioner, ophthalmologists and allergologists references.
4. To unify the  scores and questionnaires for  publications in future, accepted by both ophthalmologist and allergologist
5. To asses of specificity and sensitivity of available  diagnostics methods in ocular allergy, especially CAC  and tears biomarkers (present and future TF)
6. To estimate a real prevalence of AKC in AD and create procedures for early detection of AKC  in AD patients
7. To prepare recommendations for available treatment of ocular allergy according to the GRADE system evaluation, especially about alfa-mimetic ocular drops, corticosteroids and SIT.
8. To prepare proposals for Practical Workshops on diagnosis and management of the “red eye” ( Summer school project for 2013 or 2014)

Ewa Bogacka, MD, Wroclaw, Poland

Jean-Luc Fauquert , MD, Clermont-Ferrand, France

Members at large
1.   Prof Andrea Leonardi (Padua)
2.   Prof Luis Delgado (Porto)
3.   Prof Pascal Demoly (Montpellier)
4    Prof Mark L. Kowalski (Lodz)
5.   Anna Groblewska MD, (Lodz)
6.   Monika Jedrzejczak- Czechowicz MD,  (Lodz)    
7.   Serge Doan
8.   Pia Allegri ( Genua)
9    Marcin Grabowski (Wroclaw)
10. Farid Marmouz MD, (Paris)  
11. Banu BOZKURT (Tq)
13. Virginia CALDER (London)  
14. Bente Krane  KVENSHAGEN (Norway)
15. Daniel PEREZ- FORMIGO (Sp)
16. Dominique Bremond-Gignac
17. Laszlo ENDRE  Hungary,
18. Carmen Rondon  (Spain)