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534From the EAACI Bylaws

In order to allow EAACI to influence and keep updated information on matters related to allergy and clinical immunology, it has been decided to create “Interest Groups”. An Interest Group represents an area of general interest within allergology that is not well covered by any one of the EAACI Sections.



The cross-cultural validation of the Vespid Quality of Life Questionnaire (VQLQ) is about to start.

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Board 2013-2015


 Gunter Sturm            Gunter Sturm. Graz, Austria




Ewa Cichocka Jarosz     Ewa Cichocka-Jarosz. Krakow, Poland  




Betul Ayse Sin             Betul Ayse Sin. Ankara, Turkey




 Hanneke Oude Elberink            Hanneke Oude Elberink. Groningen, Netherlands



Ervin Mingomataj            Ervin Mingomataj. Tirana, Albania



 dimitris mitsias             Dimitris Mitsias. Greece




                                     Edzard Spillner




JMA Affiliate & Webmaster

Darío Antolín            Darío Antolín-Amérigo. Madrid, Spain



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