Minutes from the EAACI Interest Group on Immunotherapy Annual Business Meeting in Paris

Venue: XXII EAACI Paris Congress
Date: 9 June 2003, PARIS, FRANCE

The EAACI Interest Group ( IT IG ) on Immunotherapy Annual Business Meeting ( ABM ) was held during the Annual Congress of the EAACI, European Academy of Allergology and Clinical Immunology, in Paris on Monday 9th June 2003.



The Chairman of the IT IG, Dr Emilio Alvarez Cuesta ( EAC ) called the meeting to order at 17.30, welcomed the participants and chaired the meeting.

The Secretary of the EAACI IT IG, Dr Erkka Valovirta ( EV ) acted as the Secretary.

12 members of the IT IG attended. The number of the members of EAACI IT IG is in total 1814 (5.7.2003).

I. Welcome by EAC
II. Approval of the minutes from the Naples 2002
ABM: approved without changes

III. Review of the activities:
a. Website: EV and Daniel Caillot ( DC), France reported to the ABM that EAACI Website was launched on 8 June 2003Paris. IGs have their own section in the EAACI Website. The Webmaster of EAACI is Dr Nikolaos Papadopoulos ( NP ), Greece. EV and DC have been several times in contact with NP when material has been inloaded to the IT IG Website. NP contacts EV to give more information about the procedure regarding the data IT IG wants to have in the Website. Briefly, there can be material endorsed the IT IG, material prereviewed by EAACI Executive Committee, as well as Position Papers and scientific publications and review articles from prereviewedjournals when the matter of publication rights is agreed with the publisher. It was decided that IT IG wants to have in the website the Position Papers on allergen specific immunotherapy by EAACI, published in allergy 1993, by WHO published in Allergy 1998, and the ARIA document. These minutes from the EAACI IT IG ABM should be in the website, as well as action plan 2003-2004. during the EAACI Congress in


b.Educational Programme Task Force ( TF ): EAC informed that EAMG, the European Allergen Manufacturers Group has decided to sponsor the Educational Programme TF.


c. European Immunotherapy Fatalities Survey: EAC reported that Dr Ana Beristein (AB), Spain has sent a questionnaire to 36 National Societies of EAACI. 8 had answered until the ABM.
d. Gold Standard for Quality Assurance of Immunotherapy Task Force: EAC reported that this TF was not accepted by the EAACI ExCom
e. Relationship with the EAACI Newsletter. EV as the Secretary of the EAACI IT IG has been the contact person with the EAACI Newsletter. Two reports have been published by EV in the Newsletter since EAACI Congress Naples 2002.
IV. Election or re-election of the Chairman and the Secreatry of the IT IG:
Dr. Emilio Alcarez Cuesta was unanimously re-elected as the Chairman for the next 2 years. Because EV was elected at the EAACI Annual General Meeting to the EAACI Executive Committee he cannot, according the EAACI Statutes, continue as the Secretary of IT IG. Dr Lone Winther, Denmark was unanimously elected as the Secretary This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

V. Action items 2003-2004:
  • a.Website : It was decided that EV is the Webmaster of EAACI IT IG and DC is the Techical Assistant. EV contacts the publisher of Munksgaard in order to ask the possibilities to have on the Website the EAACI Position Paper on Immunotherapy and Hymenoptera Immunotherapy, published in Allergy in 1993. The appendixes contain practical information and forms to be used during IT, so they could be downloaded from the Website. EV reported that several requests about this possibility have come from the members. In addition to this the WHO Position Paper published in Allergy in 1998 should be in the Website, EV to ask also this. EV contacts also the ARIA Group/ prof Jean Bousquet so that there is a link from EAACI IT IG Website to the ARIA Website.

    b. Educational Programme Task Force: EAMG sponsors this TF. It was decided that EAC contacts the members of the TF ( Steering Committee :EAC, Jean Bousquet, Hans-Jorgen Malling, EV, Stephen Durham, Walter Canonica and a representative from Poland, the name to be announced later; Scientific Reference Group : Steering Committee members and Giovanni Passalaqua and Ulrich Muller; and Clinical Reference Group : Steering Committee Members and David Price, Kristof Nekam, Sabina Rak, Susanne Lau, Mariedelaide Franchi, Samatha Walker and Ulrich Muller) so that the group can start to work.

    c. European Immunotherapy Fatalities Survey: It was decided that AB contacts once more those societies who did not response (n=28). It is the purpose in the future that the systemic reactions could be reported in the EAACI IT IG Website. It is also the purpose that the results of the Fatalities Survey should be published in scientific allergological journal. AB and EAC continue to work.

    d. Relationship with the EAACI Newsletter: It was decided that the Secretary of EAACI IT IG continues to be the contact person also in the future. Editor in Chief is prof Claus Bachert.

    e. Contact person from EAACI IT IG to the Junior Member Working Group: It was decided that Dr Pilar Berges , Spain is the Contact Person This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    f. Other Action Items to be dicussed: no other items raised.

VI. Any other business: no other business raised.

VII. Closure of the EAACI IT IG ABM by EAC at 18.25


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