Immunotherapy IG 2004 Business Meeting

Annual Business Meeting Agenda
Date: Monday, June 14th 2004
Time:  10:30-11:30
Room: Hall G in the RAI

1. Wellcome by Emilio Alvarez Cuesta (EAC), Chairman of the EAACI IT IG

2. Approval of  Paris 2003, Annual Business Minutes

3. Review of the 2003-04 activities

a. Website: Erkka Valovirta & Daniel Caillot
b. Educational  Programme Task Force:  E.AlvarezCuesta & Erkka Valovirta
c. European Immunotherapy Fatalities Survey: Ana Beristain & E. AlvarezCuesta
d. Relationships with the EAACI  Newsletter: Lone Winther

4. Action items 2004-2005

a. Website
b. Educational Programme Task Force.
c. European Immunotherapy Fatalities Survey.
d. Relationships with the EAACI Newsletter.
e. Other Action Items to be discussed.

5. Any other business

6. Closure, EAC

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