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Introduction to OMICS and Systems Medicine IG

1828From the EAACI Bylaws

In order to allow EAACI to influence and keep updated information on matters related to allergy and clinical immunology, it has been decided to create “Interest Groups”. An Interest Group represents an area of general interest within allergology that is not well covered by any one of the EAACI Sections.

The aims and activities of the IG on OMICS and Systems Medicine are:
·to provide a communication platform for allergy and immunology researchers to share and develop knowledge about functional genomics and proteomics – which entails conducting a survey of researchers with this interest – and to follow how functional genomics is applied in other disciplines
· to promote the understanding and recognition of functional genomics and proteomics among other researchers in the field of allergy and immunology
· to promote the development of standardised protocols that facilitate research into functional genomics and proteomics, as well as conducting comparisons between different studies

Board 2013-2015
Christian Scharf

Cornelis van Drunen
The Netherlands

Claudio Rhyner

Kornel Golebski
The Netherlands

JMA representative and Webmaster
Serena O' Neil


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