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Business meeting IG Drug Allergy Nov 2010

In this section we publish about EAACI activities on Drug Allergy.
Business meeting IG Drug Allergy Nov 2010
Task Forces update

Task Force Desensitisation: The Position Paper on immediate desensitisation procedures is in press in Allergy, the paper on desensitisation in delayed drug hypersensitivity has been written and is to be finalised. The final version will be sent to other interest group members before being sent to ExCOM. Afterwards, the task force will be closed down.

Task force on skin test concentrations in drug hypersensitivity: Most drug skin test concentrations have been collected. A large Excel table has been constructed by Knut. Several publications have not been retrieved through normal ways and are being searched now. For few drug classes, the concentrations still have to be added. A grading for evidence and recommendation will be introduced. The first version of a draft has been written. The Excel table will be put on a website, statements about findings will be presented in the publication. After quality control by Annick and Ingrid, who also will identify missing drugs, the article will be send to ExCom early 2011.
Additional news: the budget application has been approved by EAACI

Task Force NSAID: This Task Force had its first founding meeting Rome at DHM4, a second in London during the EAACI and a third in September 2010. Systematic reviews are planned to be made to different topics. Section leaders and participants have been proposed.
The TF will meet during the EAACI in Istanbul to discuss progress. Another meeting will take place in September 2011, in Warsaw, Poland.
Additional news: the budget application has been approved by EAACI

Task Force Mastocytosis and drug hypersensitivity: The first founding meeting was held in London at the EAACI meeting. There was a strong interest. A collection of data on tryptase levels in immediate drug hypersensitivity has been planned for the future to be able to write a position paper. The protocol is being developed. Literature for a position paper or systematic review has begun to be collected.
The TF has met in Nancy and discussed the progress of work. The Task Force has two meetings planned for 2011, during the EAACI in Istanbul and during the autumn meeting of the ENDA.Additional news: the budget application has been approved by EAACI

Ongoing multicentre studies

Two studies are still ongoing:
- Allergic reactions to radio contrast media (Knut Brockow)
- the oxaliplatin desensitization protocol (M Pagani).
A new multicentre study on skin test standardisation (location, positivity criteria, amount to inject etc) is planned by A Barbau. The protocol will be developed by Annick and invitations to participate in this project will follow.

New projects:

An application for a Task Force Drug Allergy in Children has been sent in to EAACI by Eva Gomes and Ingrid Terreehorst.
Additional news: the Task force has been approved and can start work
- Unofficially Knut has been told that the application for the Summer School in Verona (21 – 23 Sept 2011) has been approved. This will be combined with our Autumn meeting, together with the EuroBAT group.
Additional news: The Summer School is officially approved and will take place from 21-23 September in Verona.
The ENDA meeting will in parallel on Friday 23rd with the Summer School and will be held from 23.9. (ca. 8.30- 19.00 general ENDA meeting)- 24.9.2011 (ca. 8:30- 13.00, ENDA together with EuroBAT on in-vitro diagnosis of drug hypersensitivity)
- Torsten Zuberbier and Guido Burbach present a new project regarding teledermatology. They invite all ENDA members to send in pictures and cases, so a programme can be developed in recognising drug allergic reactions of the skin, and presenting a differential diagnosis as well. For further information: