Introduction to the Allied Health Interest Group

The Allied Health Interest Group was formed by EAACI in 2010. Initially it was primarily supporting activities focussing on diet and nutrition in allergy. However, the focus is becoming broader and all allied health and nursing members who join this group will have the chance to become involved in the many diverse aspects of allergy that are not covered by other interest groups or sections.

The aim of this Interest Group is to increase the profile and involvement of allied health and nursing members in the diagnosis and management of allergy. The group also aims to create an environment where people can exchange ideas, develop education initiatives, and promote the recognition and utilisation of highly skilled dietitians, nurses, psychologists and others in order to support the many activities of EAACI. The objectives of this Interest Group include:

1. To support all allied health and nursing members of EAACI, promote their strengths and develop competencies for their involvement in allergy

2. To create a platform for all healthcare professionals interested in the nutritional and dietary aspects of allergy. 

3.  To educate dieticians, nurses, physicians, and other healthcare professionals in the dietary assessment and management of food allergy.

4.  To collaborate with other interest groups and sections

5.  To initiate and participate in collaborative Task Forces, summer schools and other projects with other interest groups and sections.

6.  To unify practices and develop evidence-based guidelines and protocols.


This interest group has full participation in the development of programmes for EAACI conferences and courses, and currently has two operational Task Forces. Members are also involved in the development of official guidance documents such as the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Guidelines, Allergy Prevention Guidelines and Allergy Focused Diet History Guidelines.



Last updated 25 August 2016