4th EuroBAT: Scientific & Social Report from Munich

The programme was structured with open presentation sessions reflecting the organisation of EuroBAT. The invited lecture by Anna Nopp, Ph.D. was on basophil sensitivity and its use in diagnosis and monitoring of therapy, and a rising interest in basophil sensitivity was evident in a number of talks. One session was devoted to each topic addressed by the working groups 1. Technical Issues, 2. Drug Allergy, 3. Hymenoptera and Pollen Allergy and Immunotherapy, and 4. Food Allergy. Paralell workshops were arranged for the working groups, in which participants shared their experience, problems and solutions by facilitated scientific exchange between participants and planned new actions. The working groups conclusions were summarised in a plenum session. The social highlight of the meeting was dinner in the rotating restaurant atop the Olympia Centres’ TV tower with a splendid view of Munich by night.

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Last updated 14 December 2014