4th EuroBAT: Report on the Munich meeting

The 4th EuroBAT meeting (30.10 – 01.11.2010) covered both the well-known application of identifying response to “difficult” allergens by ex vivo basophil activation as well as more advanced, novel applications in which determination of sensitivity played a role. Sixty participants from 14 Countries (as far way as Brazil and Australia) attended, and all 23 abstracts accepted were presented as 10-minute talks.

The meeting was organised by Ed Knol, Claude Lambert, Hans Jürgen Hoffmann and Bernadette Eberlein as local organiser, who did most of the actual work with two colleagues from her clinic. Overall, the meeting turned out to be very informative and stimulating for both experts in the field as well as many newcomers in the field. The organizing committee is very pleased that the EAACI executive has endorsed EuroBAT meetings, and we look forward to better integration of this promising test in allergy diagnosis and monitoring. Hans Jürgen Hoffmann has taken over from Didier Ebo as spokesperson for EuroBAT in the EAACI.

The next meeting of the EuroBAT is planned with the ENDA group in Verona in late September 2011. Details will be available on basophil.org and here.

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Last updated 21 January 2016