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Introduction to the EAACI Interest Group on Allergy Diagnosis (IGAD)

Goals of the EAACI Interest Group Allergy Diagnosis (IGAD)

The IGAD aims to stimulate interest in laboratory testing and in vivo procedures in the diagnosis of allergy. We intend to establish a dynamic platform for scientists and clinicians that are designing, researching, and applying diagnostic in vitro and in vivo allergy tests within the EAACI.

The spectrum will cover scientific, regulatory, and clinical issues, resulting in the exchange of scientific knowledge, independent information, and standards for clinicians, as well as stimulating discussion about unresolved issues.

Particular emphasis will be placed on exchanging ideas to promote the discussion of the potential and limitations of current and future in vitro and in vivo tests applied for allergy diagnosis.

This IG will suggest and outline scientific and educational sessions on allergy diagnosis for the organising committees of future EAACI-meetings.

We would like to remind you of the upcoming ISMA 2013, International Symposium on Molecular Allergology , which will update you on the latest news on Molecular Allergy:

Date: 5 - 7 December 2013
Place: Vienna, Austria

After the success of this year's  EuroBAT, we would like to inform you that the next EuroBAT will be held in Munich, Germany, on 11-12 December 2014. 

IG Allergy Diagnosis Board 2013-2015



Hans Jürgen Hoffmann
Aarhus, Denmark


Paolo Matricardi
Berlin, Germany

JMA Affiliate

Filippo Fassio
Florence, Italy


Victòria Cardona
Barcelona, Spain

Nikolaos Douladiris
Athens, Greece

A. Fusun Kalpaklioglu
Ankara, Turkey

Christian Lupinek
Vienna, Austria

Markus Ollert
Munich, Germany


Please address any comments and suggestions to the (
Victòria Cardona).


From the EAACI Bylaws
In order to allow EAACI to influence and keep updated information on matters related to allergy and clinical immunology, it has been decided to create “Interest Groups”. An Interest Group represents an area of general interest within allergology that is not well covered by any one of the EAACI Sections.