Report of Business Meeting in 2002

2nd JUNE 2002

Chairman: Prof. Gennaro D'Amato (Naples, Italy)
Secretary: Dr. Marta Orta (Pamplona, Spain)

Our business meeting started in EAACI Naples Congress, the 2nd June at 13.30 h. The number of participants was 25 people, 20 of them left their e-mail in order to get in contact for future tasks. D'Amato and Orta asked everybody to shortly describe their professional activity within the field of Allergy and Clinical Immunology and send them a group of 15 keywords to define themselves professionally. These keywords will be collected in the future weeks by e-mail.

Our program was the following:

- Update of the work carried out by previous EAACI subcommittee on Aerobiology and Environment with the production of a book on ''Allergenic pollen and pollinosis in Europe'' and two position papers published in Allergy, one on ''Pollen-related allergy in Europe'' and another on ''Mould Allergy in Europe''.This update is useful to contact previous participants and asking them if they are available to work also in the context of the new IG.

- Creation of the new Interest Group Aerobiology and Pollution, starting activity from Naples Congress although the chairman and the secretary have been working since January 2002. The principal plans for our future work will be the creation of a website informing about pollen distribution and air pollution in Europe and information for patients. People were very interested and promised to answer our callings for help and contributions so the establishement of a network will be our task for next year.

- Proposal to the Executive Committee to create a Task-Force able to prepare a position paper on ''Air pollution and Respiratory Allergy in Europe''.

The activities carried out on the name of the group in the Congress were a Minisymposium titled ''Air Pollution and the Risk of Allergy'' which was held on Wednesday 5th June with Gennaro D'Amato and Tony Frew as chairmen, and abstracts presented in a Poster Discussion Session (number= 19), held on Tuesday 4th June and Poster Exhibition (number=45 for Aerobiology and Allergens and number= 4 for Pollution and Environment). All these sessions were followed by people very participative and interested on topics treated. The posters presented were all of a high quality and were very well defended by their authors. In the business meeting people were enhanced to attend all the sessions related.

From all that we can conclude our IGroup interests and attracts people working on topics Aerobiology and Pollution and it will be interesting to stimulate and develop activities deriving from its interest areas


Gennaro D'Amato
Marta Orta

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