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Asthma Section

From the EAACI bylaws

The Sections encourage membership in the EAACI, relate to European and national societies, promote an understanding of the importance of allergy within those societies, advise the EU on matters of policy within the relevant areas, advise the Scientific Programme Committee (SPC) on the development of programmes, promote European co-operation in scientific and clinical research, and suggest task forces and scientific sessions.

The Asthma Section aims to:

  • promote understanding of the etiology and mechanisms of asthma
  • encourage the development of safe and effective therapeutic strategies
  • disseminate the latest information regarding patient care
  • promote the institution of basic standards for the management of patients with asthma, relying on evidenced-based strategies

Board 2013-2015


Leif Bjermer


Ömer Kalayci


Arzu Bakirtas

Angela Simpson

Svetlana Sergejeva

Eckard Hamelmann

Enrico Heffler

JMA Representative and Webmaster

Sven Seys

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