Other Meetings

Webcasts are an interactive e-learning application available to all EAACI members, combining sound, image and script.

All the Academy's major events can be found here in webcasts. Experts and outstanding researchers present their work and share their views and findings in a flash format.

  • Jean-Louis Guéant: on Genetic variants associated with drugs-induced hypersensitivity reactions

    Mariana Castells: on Drug hypersensitivity in clonal mast cell disorders: ENDA/EAACI position paper

    Constantinos Pitsios: Clinical contraindications to allergen immunotherapy: an EAACI position paper

    Carsten Schmidt-Weber: Current and future biomarkers in allergic asthma

    L. Delgado: EAACI Position paper on Asthma and Dietary Intake

    H.J. Hoffmann: EAACI position paper on Clinical Untiliy of Basophil Activation test

  • Ömer Kalayci: on Genetic associations of the response to inhaled corticosteroids

    J. Konradsen: Predicting asthma morbidity in children using proposed Th2 markers

    B. Ahrens: Chemokine levels in serum of children with atopic dermatitis

    de Waard-van der Spek: EAACI position paper for practical patch testing in allergic contact dermatitis in children

  • Philippe Eigenmann: on Food Allergy modulation through the thymic stomal lymphopoietin Pathway

Last updated 24 November 2016