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faam-logo Date: 17-19 February 2011
Place: Venice, Italy

Hot Topics for Food Allergy Management: The patients' perspective / New adrenaline auto-injectors for anaphylaxis
Penny Jorgensen, Lynne Regent, Sabine Schnadt

Pre-cautionary labelling: Concerns and initiatives of Patient Organisations from around the world
Maria Said

Immunotherapy for food allergies: what is effective
Hugh A. Sampson

New Perspectives about Immunological Pathways / Underlying Food induced anaphylaxis
Manel Jordana

Clinical utility of thresholds and CRD's
Carsten Bindslev-Jensen

What is new in the Treatment of Eosinophilic Eosophagitis?
Amal Assa'ad

What makes an Antigen a Food Allergen?
Clare Mills

The Food Allergy Initiative - Hot Topic: Clinical Trials
Mary Jane Marchisotto

The Food Allergy
Laurie Harada & Maria Laura Acebal