Recommendations from the EAACI Dermatology Section

This month we introduce the Dermatology Section which is one of the very active sections in the EAACI community. The section has more than 300 members worldwide and continues to grow as the section for medical professionals with interest in various aspects of skin allergies. The Dermatology Section is proud of close interaction between its members that has a major impact on the exchange of international experience in the field of cutaneous allergy.


After the elections in Goteborg 2007, the Dermatology Section board includes:

Chairman: Prof. Torsten Zuberbier (Germany)
Secretary: Prof. Peter Schmid-Grendelmeier (Switzerland)
Board members: Prof. Conrad Hauser (Switzerland)
Prof. Thomas Werfel (Germany)
Dr Clive Grattan (UK)
Dr Antti Lauerma (Finland)
Prof. Magda Czarnecka-Opeacz (Poland)
JMA Representative, Webmaster: Dr Elena Borzova (Russia)

1. Hot topics in the Dermatology Section:


This month we introduce an interview “Urticaria in the focus of the EAACI Dermatology Section” prepared for the Thematic month by a team of internationally recognised European experts.


2. New books published within the last two years

1. Handbook of non-invasive methods and the skin. Second Edition, 2006

Jorgen Serup, Gregor BE Jemec and Gary L Grove. Published by Taylor & Francis.


Valuable resource for those interested in skin research! The book explores the endless possibilities for using up-to-date non-invasive skin research techniques.


2. Contact dermatitis. Fourth Edition, 2006

P.J. Frosch, T. Menne and J-P. Lepoittevin. Published by Springer.


The book written by leading experts in the field provides a comprehensive update on every aspect of current management of contact dermatitis.


3. Books in press:

1. Urticaria. Springer. 2008

Editors: Torsten Zuberbier, Clive Grattan, Marcus Maurer


2. Drug-induced Skin Disease. Informa Healthcare. 1st Edition, 2010

Editors: Rebecca Grushalla and Neil Shear.


4. The must read papers of the last 3-6 months


Management of atopic eczema in children aged up to 12 years: summary of NICE guidance.

Lewis-Jones S, Mugglestone MA; Guideline Development Group.

BMJ. 2007 Dec 15;335(7632):1263-4. Review.


What are the best outcome measurements for atopic eczema? A systematic review.

Schmitt J, Langan S, Williams HC; European Dermato-Epidemiology Network.

J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2007 Dec;120(6):1389-98.


Eligibility creep: a cause for placebo group improvement in controlled trials of psoriasis treatments.

Hick J, Feldman SR.

J Am Acad Dermatol. 2007 Dec;57(6):972-6.


5. Current international projects:


§ EAACI/GA2LEN project: a revision of guidelines on use of topical corticosteroids during pregnancy.


Published Task Forces:

  • EAACI/GA2LEN/EDF guideline: management of urticaria
    Allergy 2006: 61:321-331
  • EAACI/GA2LEN Position Paper: Present status of the atopy patch test
    Allergy 2006:61:1377-1384
  • EAACI position paper Standardization of food challenges in patients with immediate reactions to foods
    Allergy 2004:59:690-697
  • EAACI/GA2LEN/EDF guideline: definition, classification and diagnosis of urticaria
    Allergy 2006:61:316-320

6. Related resources:



JMA Clinical Workshop: Management of Allergic Contact Dermatitis
Vienna 10 June 2006


JMA Survey on Urticaria:

E-mail survey of all JMA members of the EAACI was carried out in March 2007
See the Questionnaire and Survey Results.



JMA Postgraduate Course “Urticaria and Angioedema: What Every Clinician Should Know?

Held at the XXVI EAACI Congress, Göteborg, Sweden on 9th of June, 2007


Martin Church (UK): Antihistamines and steroids in the treatment of urticaria


Peter Schmid-Grendelmeier (Switzerland) Urticaria pigmentosa: a practical approach. See the Diagnostic path.


7. Upcoming events:


* XXVII Congress of the European Academy of Allergology and Clinical Immunology

Barcelona, Spain, 7-11th of June, 2008

Main symposia

Symposium - Update in Allergic Skin Disease (Sunday 8th of June, 2008 15:30-17:00)

Genomics and proteomics in Allergic skin diseases
Enrico Scala, Italy

Atopic Dermatitis
Peter Schmid-Grendelmeier, Switzerland

Management of urticaria
Alexander Kapp, Germany


Symposium - Atopic Eczema (Tuesday 10th of June, 2008 13.30-15.00)

The role of allergens
Philippe Eigenmann, Switzerland

The role of microorganisms
Thomas Werfel, Germany

Safe treatment in infants
Arnold Oranje, The Netherlands


Workshop - Chronic Urticaria: An Update (Sunday 8th of June, 2008 13:30-15:00)

Urticaria and infections
Bettina Wedi, Germany

Immunological mechanisms of chronic urticaria
Marta Ferrer, Spain

Update on urticaria knowledge
Clive Grattan, United Kingdom


Workshop - Contact Dermatitis (Tuesday 10th of June, 2008 13:30-15:00)

Contact dermatitis in atopic dermatitis and psorasis
Esther Serra-Baldrich, Spain

Protein contact dermatitis
Knut Brockow, Germany

New allergens
Werner Aberer, Austria


Workshop - C1 Inhibitor Deficiency: New Insights (Wednesday 11th of June, 2008 8.30-10.00)

Pathophysiology and genetics of hereditary angioedema
Marco Cicardi, Italy

Clinical features and provocation factors
Konrad Bork, Germany

Treatment of hereditary angioedema: old and new perspectives
Henriette Farkas, Hungary


Dermatology Section - Business Meeting and Session (Tuesday 10th of June 15-30-17:00)

Pro & Con: Antihistamines in Atopic Dermatitis
Pro: Torsten Zuberbier, Germany
Con: Conrad Hauser, Switzerland

Practical Courses

Practical Course 1 - Skin Testing in Allergy (Sunday 8th of June, 2008 10:30-12:00)

Speaker: Bettina Wedi, Germany
Junior: Luísa Geraldes, Portugal


Practical Course 13 - Challenge Tests for Physical Urticaria
(Tuesday 10th of June, 2008 10:30-12:00)

Speaker: Marcus Maurer, Germany
Junior: Elena Borzova, Russia


* Urticaria Consensus Meeting

Berlin, 4-5th of December 2008

This is a 4 yearly meeting prepared by the EAACI Dermatology Section and GA2LEN for the review of the current international guidelines to the management of urticaria.


The EAACI Dermatology Section board

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