The “Thematic Month” is a feature that focuses on the different aspects, activities, and relevant research fields of the EAACI Sections and Interest Groups. This special report on the EAACI’s main “linchpins of action” aims to familiarize all visitors with the activities, aims and scopes of the Sections and Interests Groups, and invite them to take actively part to any of the groups that they find compatible to their needs and work field.


Issues highlighted under the “Thematic Months” column include hot topics, new publications, related current European and/or international projects, useful tips and resources, upcoming events and postgraduate courses, comments on recent must-read papers, lists of prestigious research centers across Europe and/or worldwide, running Task Forces and any other scientific activities of the group in question.


The EAACI “Thematic Month” feature provides a unique platform for Sections and Interest groups to promote their work and activities, motivating further action in the relevant field.

Last updated 29 July 2014