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  • 2008 Allergy School on Allergy, Asthma & Sports report

    27-30 June 2008
    Porto Heli, Greece

    Topic: ''3-2-1-go!'': towards free sports for allergic people

    This summer again we had opportunity to meet in the beautiful land of Greece on the occasion of Summer Allergy School. This time the main topic of the meeting was “3-2-1-go! Towards Free Sports for Allergic People” which goes very well in line with this year’s Olympic Games in Beijing.

    The meeting started on Friday 27th June. During the day, all participants were arriving into the fabulous holiday resort of Porto Heli on the Peloponesus peninsula. The first introductory session – later on the same day – comprised lectures given by Luis Delgado from Portugal (replacing Tari Haahtela who, unfortunately, could not attend) and the host of the School – Nikos Papadopoulos from Athens. The lecturers covered such topics as allergy, atopy and asthma among athletes in a wider perspective of prevalence of infectious diseases, immune disorders as well as social and economic changes. Second part of the introductory session was devoted to different phenotypes that may be encountered in an asthmatic patient. Finally, the first day of the school eneded with a dinner followed by a get-together beach party.

    On the next day the participants had the opportunity to benefit from talks given by Ted Popov from Bulgaria and Kai-Håkon Carlsen from Norway. They have presented an overview of the existing terminology in the field of exercise-induces asthma and bronchoconstriction as well as provided the glimpse of current views regarding pathophysiology of EIB/EIA including results of newest studies on the role of inflammatory mediators in these phenomena. Second session, later on Saturday, was dedicated to the diagnostic issues in EIA. We had the opportunity to get acquainted with theoretical and practical considerations regarding exercise challenge testing, eucapnic voluntary hyperventilation (EVH) and mannitol challenge. These topics were comprehensively presented by Stefano del Giacco and Christina Gratziou.
    Sergio Bonini presented newest developments in the field of screening for EIA in athletes community. Important role is reserved for questionnaire surveys employing – among others – an AQUA questionnaire developed by the group led by Professor Bonini.

    The leading topic of the Saturday afternoon session was “Treatment of exercise-induced asthma”. The roles for inhaled steroids, beta-agonists and leukotriene modifiers were reviewed by Leif Bjermer, Adnan Custoviã and Fernando de Benedictis. Luis Delgado summed the session up with his tlak on the choice of medication and therapeutic strategies in exercise-induced bronchoconstriction and asthma.

    Last two days of the allergy school in Porto Heli were filled not only with lectures concering the issues of rhinitis in sports and exercise, effects of environmental pollution on EIA and food-dependent exrcise-induced anaphylaxis, but also with a great social programme. Boat trip to the island of Spetses a few miles away from Porto Heli was organised and we could have an opportunity to spend more than half a day in that beatiful surroundings. Some chose sunbathing in beautiful beaches around the island while the others enjoyed hanging around the city shopping fo souvenirs and drinking Greek coffee in numerous cafes and restaurants.

    Overall, another Allergy School in Greece proved to be a wonderful experience from both scientific and purely touristic point of view.

    We’re looking forward to participating in next similar events in the beatiful land of Greece. © Marcin Kurowski

    Last updated: 24 June 2016