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Patch testing, 3rd Edition

Test Concentrations and Vehicles for 4350 Chemicals

(From the Preface) Knowing his second edition to have been overtaken by continuing discovery and innovation, de Groot has applied himself once again to updating this essential aid to the investigation of contact dermatitis.



  • 4350 chemicals with patch test concentrations and vehicles
  • 2200 synonyms and 200 abbrevations
  • full data from all major textbooks and the journals Contact Dermatitis, American Journal of Contact Dermatitis and Dermatitis
  • patch test concentrations and vehicles for products
  • patch test concentrations and vehicles for groups of chemicals
  • reference to the Merck Index
  • reference to the Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary and Handbook
  • reports of photosensitivity, contact urticaria, and patch test sensitization
  • additional information relevant for patch testing including commercial availability
  • fully referenced

Book Contents
Chemicals - Abbreviations - Groups of chemicals and substances - Products - Photosensitivity - Immediate contact reactions - Patch test sensitization

Author: Anton C De Groot, MD, PHD

Editor: acdegroot publishing