Second Edition

Allergy and Allergic Diseases

Second Edition

This two volume book is an exceptional reference source on all aspects of allergy and allergic diseases. Covering virtually every allergic condition, from the immunological and molecular basis of the allergic response to future trends in allergic disease prevention, the new international editorial team (A.B.Kay, Jean Bousquet, Pat Holt and Allen Kaplan) have completely revised and updated the text, from both a scientific and clinical perspective. References will continue to be added to the text until it goes to press making this the most up-to-date book available in the field.

Book contents

VOL 1.The Scientific Basis of Allergy - Immunology of the Allergic response - Inflammatory cells and mediators - Pharmacology - Physiology - Allergens - Animal models of asthma.

VOL 2.
Allergic Diseases: aetiology, diagnosis and treatment - Aetiology and Pathology - Diagnosis of allergic disease - Allergic rhinoconjunctivitis and immunotherapy - Asthma and its treatment - Eosinophil-associated disease and hypersensitivity pneumonitis - Allergy and the skin - Anaphylaxis and allergy to food and drugs- Prevention of allergy and allergic disease in developing countries.

A Barry Kay, National Heart and Lung Institute, London, UK
Allan P Kaplan, National Allergy and Asthma Centre, South Carolina, USA
Jean Bousquet, Hopital Arnaud dde Villeneuve, Montpellier, France
Patrick G Holt, Telethon Institute for Child Health, Perth, Australia

Source: Blackwell Publishing

Last updated 29 May 2015